Which Screwdriver Do I Need to Repair My Dyson Vacuum?

“Which screwdriver do I need to repair my Dyson Vacuum cleaner?”

This is a question I am asked quite often, so I thought I would shed some light on it.

Not all models use the same size in all applications. But I will demystify it for you below.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are held together by Torx screws. If you take a look around your Dyson, you will see them, the head is shaped like a star and they look something like this.

Dyson Torx screw

Some have an anti-tamper pin in like the one above; some older ones do not.

A screwdriver with the anti-tamper feature will fit both types of screw, one without will not. So you want one with the anti-tamper tip usually, as that started to be used in some applications from the DC07 through to current models.

The most popular size used on Dysons is the T15. T10 and T8 can be found on some later model machines as well.

When buying a T15 Torx screwdriver, the length of the blade is a consideration that many people get wrong.

Most T15 screwdrivers have as standard a 75mm long blade (that’s about three inches if you think in imperial sizes).

Dysons have some deep sunk screws on them that you need a 100mm blade to reach (that is about four inches).

You don’t want a shaft wider than about 4-5mm either, so those fat screwdrivers with slot-in magnetic tips are no use. You need one that looks like this.

Dyson Star Screwdriver

Not very many companies make the ones with a 100mm blade that isn’t an awkward t-shape. I prefer a traditional shaped screwdriver.

Silverline make them, but I have never been terribly happy with the quality of Silverline stuff personally, so I avoid that brand.

Snap On do one with a six inch blade, part number SGDTRX615BR, but it is a special order and costs the earth (about £18) as all Snap On stuff does.

Draper make them. Draper quality is pretty good, but not especially cheap. But the fiver or so they cost doesn’t break the bank.

Smiths Tools also make them, they are quite alright, and not terribly expensive either.

You only need a T15 for models DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, DC05, DC07, DC08, DC14, DC19 and DC25.

If you are going to be working on the DC24 and other later Ball machines, and newer stuff like the DC39 and Cinetic machines, you will also need a T10 with an anti-tamper tip and also a T8 for some applications (DC24 brushroll motor swaps spring to mind).

If you are working on later models, get the T8, T10 and the T15.

Dyson Vacuum Star Screwdrivers

You can get all three together as a set here: >>Set of Three Dyson Repair Screwdrivers<<

If you are not sure what screwdrivers you need for your Dyson model, please use the comment section below to ask and I will happily tell you. 

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61 Responses to “Which Screwdriver Do I Need to Repair My Dyson Vacuum?”

  1. I have a Dyson V10. The screw looks like a Philips, not Torx. Would like to know the exact specifications of the screwdriver I need to unscrew the battery. The screwdrivers I have at home don’t fit quite right and I don’t want to damage the screw head. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

  2. Batteries are a standard Philips.

  3. Hello Angus
    I have a Dyson V10 with a faulty Trigger Assembly.
    What size Torx Screwdriver do I need to remove the Trigger Assembly from the V10 handle?
    Thanks, David

  4. If its a Torx, one of these will do it: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331478051573

  5. Thanks Angus
    It was a Torx T8 I needed for my V10 repair.
    I have removed the Trigger Assembly and discovered the red plastic Trigger is broken. My V10 was recently dropped on a hard floor and the Trigger must have broken then – the section that pushes down on the battery lever has snapped off the trigger body.
    The Trigger has a part number inside the finger ‘button’
    DYSON >ABS< T113553 4B
    Do you know where I can get a replacement? Or a used part from a cannibalised V10?
    Many thanks, David H

  6. hey, i’ve got the dyson 8 (pet), and i need to take apart the motorhead. they are much tinier torx sized screws. do you know which size that is?

  7. Buy the set of three linked here.

  8. Linda Carol Yancey on September 12th, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    I have the V8 Animal cordless and trying to replace the battery. The screws look more like an x. What size and type of screwdriver do i need?

  9. A Philips.

  10. Bruno Gavrilovics on September 16th, 2020 at 4:25 am

    The screws on my are an exactly fit for a CR-V T 9. Cordless Dyson. Is that correct?

  11. T8 or T10 would be usual. A T9 might just fit the T10 but could slip.

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