Which Dyson ‘Universal’ Adaptor Do I Need?

Dyson adaptors! A Big subject whether you call it an adaptor, an adapter or a converter.

Confusingly, Dyson market what they call a ‘universal adaptor’ which is actually nothing of the sort.

So which Dyson tool adaptor do you need? One size doesn’t fit all. Despite what some will tell you.

Dyson V7, V8 or V10 owners, read >>this article<< instead.

Dyson CY22, CY23, Light Ball, Small Ball and Big Ball Cinetic owners read >>this article instead<<.

First, I should explain what the Dyson ‘universal adaptor’ is actually for. It is to adapt older pre-ball Dysons to use newer Dyson tools such as the various mini turbine tools, the anti-tangle tool and the newer multi tools.

Dyson’s ‘universal’ adaptor looks like this:

dyson universal adaptor

What that actually does is make machines that take this type of tool:

Dyson tool adaptor

Suit accessories that have this type of fitting:

Dyson late type tool fitting

Now I don’t know about you, but if I own a DC01, I am not going to be dashing out to buy the latest dog grooming tool or anti-tangle tool from Dyson at forty quid or so.

I will be quite happy using my original tried and tested three tools, brush, stair and crevice, and to do so with a Dyson DC01, I will need the adaptor that came with it that looks like this:

Dyson DC01 adaptor

If I buy a Dyson flexi crevice tool or a stubborn dirt brush, I will get three adaptors in there, one of which looks like this:

Dyson tool converter

So already you see that there is no ‘universal’ Dyson tool adaptor as such. It is a misnomer. It is dependent upon application.

And lets not forget that there are no adaptors available that suit the DC15, DC18, DC11 or a host of other models that had unique tool fittings. So ‘universal’ becomes even more of a misnomer at this point.

But lets imagine what adaptor you haven’t seen here up to now that Dyson will tell you isn’t available. That is one that converts the machines with the later crescent half moon tool fitting to be able to use the older tried and tested three-piece toolkit that came with the Dysons DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, DC05, DC07 and DC14.

We discussed the forthcoming availability of such an adaptor in this article: Dyson Tool Adaptor: New Style Crescent Fitting to Old Style 32mm Tools and even published prototype pictures.

If you spend £300 or £400 on a new Dyson vacuum cleaner, it might be nice instead of the multi-tool supplied, that you can use your trusty old brush tool, crevice tool and stair tool that you have from your previous model. Why did they change that fitting you may ask? Why indeed.

More to the point, why didn’t they make a universal adaptor that allowed owners of Dyson models DC16, DC19T2, DC22, DC23, DC24, DC25, DC26, DC27, DC28, DC29, DC30, DC31, DC32, DC33, DC34, DC35, DC36, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC40, DC41, DC42, DC43, DC44, DC45, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC50, DC51, DC52, DC53, DC54, DC55, DC56, DC58, DC59, DC63, DC65 and DC66 to use the older style tools?

The ‘universal adaptor’ Dyson sell doesn’t do that.

But this one does.

Dyson Universal Adaptor

And for under five quid you can be the proud owner of what might be more properly described as a Dyson universal adaptor.

Click the little guy below to go to the page where you can buy one.

Click here to buy a Dyson tool adapter


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  1. Hello I have a Dyson V6 handheld and have just got a dc14 without any tools. Is there an adapter that will allow me to use the v6’s three included tools on the dc14, is so what model number is it please? Many thanks

  2. The one Dyson call “Universal” in the article is the one you want.

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