Where to source a Dyson Airblade AB01/AB02/AB02/AB04 HEPA filter.

Looking for a HEPA filter for your Dyson Airblade hand dryer?

The AB01, AB02, AB03, AB04, AB06, AB06, AB07 and AB14 models all take the same HEPA filter.

The part number is 920336-01 if you want a genuine one.

It comes boxed together with an instruction booklet for changing the filter and a tamper proof Alan key to undo the cover that you need to remove to replace the filter.

However, Dyson won’t sell you one very easily. But you can still get them – fear not.

The HEPA filter in an Airblade is described as a ‘lifetime filter’ by Dyson. However, they do get clogged and begin to fall apart after time.

They are not cheap because they are quite a high specification. They are an anti-microbial HEPA H12 filter with a filtration level of dust particles of 99.5% at 0.15 μ MPPS according to EN 1822. Bacteria removal from the air is claimed to be 99.9%

Here is what they originally looked like:

Dyson Airblade HEPA filter

Later Dyson ones look like this without the little spanner or any branding:

Dyson Airblade Filter

But they are reluctant to sell you those either.

After-market ones look like this:

Dyson Airblade Filter

After-market ones you CAN get with UK and world delivery, and you can find out more here: Buy Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer HEPA Filter

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