Where to get a cheap DC16 in car charger.

Now there is a good idea!

I didn’t even know they existed until I saw one the other day, but they do.

Many people use hand-held Dysons such as the DC16 on boats and suchlike, but as the battery life isn’t too great, one is left with the charging up issue.

You can buy them on Dysons website for an eye-watering £25 plus £3 delivery.

Here is Dysons blurb on them:

12v Charger Assembly.

Part No.917226-01

12 Volt charger assembly for your Dyson DC16 handheld vacuum cleaner. Plugs into a standard lighter socket to charge your Dyson DC16 handheld vacuum cleaner in a car, boat or caravan.

Suitable for:

DC16, DC16 Animal, DC16 Car and Boat, DC16 Issey Miyake exclusive.

And here is what they look like.

DC16 car charger

Well, that’s all very nice, but if you want this handy little gadget, you don’t want to be fleeced to the tune of £28 for it do you? Personally, I would be slightly narked to part with twenty eight of my hard earned groats to own such a thing.

However, I checked one of our trade suppliers, and they are not cheap! Any after market supplier would have to charge close to £25 to make any profit on one.

But as is often the way, somebody, somewhere always manages to come by stuff at lesser money and discounts can be had if you look hard enough.

I have found them at £18.39 including UK delivery. They are currently on eBay and can be had from this listing: >>Dyson DC16 in car charger<<

Saving you money is what we do.

A saving of £9.61 isn’t to be sneezed at. Dyson DC41


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