Where to buy a used Dyson AB01 hand dryer.

If you are looking for a budget or discounted Dyson Airblade hand dryer, you will likely be looking at a used one, so you first should choose a model.

In the UK, Dyson produce the AB01 and the AB03.

In the United States, the corresponding models are AB02 and AB04. These being 110v models.

So, what is the difference between the AB01 (AB02) and the AB03 (AB04)?

With the AB01, the outer casing is made from cast Aluminium, Dyson designed the AB01 to be virtually indestructible in any environment.

With the AB03, they made the fascia not from Aluminium, but from Polycarbonate ABS (that’s plastic to you and I). This was designed to withstand abuse in a commercial environment too, but in the real world, plastic will never be as strong as aluminium. This makes the cases on the AB03 liable to break if abused.

Visually there is nothing between them. Nor is there much the user would notice between them mechanically.

If buying used, many consider the AB01 a better buy due to its inherent extra strength. Fortunately, there are a few around  for the bargain hunter.

Dyson AB01 hand dryer

Most of them seem to be on eBay, but take care to check the sellers reputation carefully. eBay is heaving with sharks and scammers who will be only too pleased to relieve you of a few hundred quid for a piece of junk.

Try to get one from a seller that is experienced with Dyson hand dryers.

Manchester Vacs tends to get used and new ones from time to time, and they have a page that lists what they have here: Dyson Airblade Sales.

Looking to sell a Dyson hand dryer? See our other topic here: Sell your Dyson hand dryer – AB01 or AB03.

But is a Dyson Airblade a good buy compared to other hand dryers on the market? Here is what James Dyson himself said about other hand dryers:

“You put your hands under other dryers, rub them a bit, then give up and wipe your hands on your trousers. It’s something that’s always annoyed me.”

I agree with him. Conventional hand dryers are complete rubbish in comparison in my opinion.

We have a Dyson hand dryer in our downstairs bathroom at home (well you might expect that of the owner of Dyson Medic I guess), and its great for making sure the kids actually have washed their hands (because you can hear them drying them). It gets a few approving comments from visitors too.

When you visit a business, say a restaurant or retail business, to me at least, they are immediately set apart from others if their wash room has Dyson hand dryers in there. This tells me that the management are discerning people who take a pride in their business. It tells me that here are people who are attentive to details.

The only downside to Dyson hand dryer ownership is the lack of spare parts and scarce after-market technical know-how. Dyson engineered the market to be this way so they could control it.

However, the Dyson hand dryer market is now opening up somewhat. People are learning how to repair them, and spares are becoming available slowly.  A little bird tells me that a few after-markets spares are even in production too, which should lower the cost of ownership and repair.

Its not a bad time to buy a used Dyson hand dryer as long as it comes from a reputable source.

As ever, comments and discussion are welcome below. 

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  1. hi m8 ive got an almost new ab01 but the part were the air comes from, its a yellow colour has a crack down doesnt affect it in any way just cosmeticly would look better, is there anywere to purchase such a part, i was going to keep it like yourself for the kids but your bathroom must be bigger than hours we would need an extension to put it on the wall lol many thanks lee

  2. Try Manchester Vacs, they have some spares for these.

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