Where to buy a Replacement DC04, DC14 or DC24 Dyson Power Cord in the UK

If you are looking to replace the power cord on a Dyson DC04, DC14 or the DC24 then read this before you buy something cheap and nasty from Amazon or eBay (if you want a cable for a later Dyson, read >this article< instead).

Buying a replacement Dyson flex (or cable, lead, wire or cord if you prefer) is often a bit of a minefield.

Early Dyson models used to use a pale grey 0.75 mm flex. Often these used to fail where they entered the machine because they weren’t heavy-duty enough.

Later Dyson models used a thicker dark grey 1 mm flex which is considerably more durable.

The terminals on the end of the flexes varied across many Dyson models, and many of the later Dysons had varying different lengths of flexes fitted to them.

This has always created a little bit of a headache for those in the aftermarket and Dyson repairers. Because, for example, if you use a cable designed to fit a DC14 it often won’t wrap correctly on a machine such as the DC07.

Original Dyson cables are rather expensive, so naturally many people seek a good aftermarket replacement.

However, the problem with this is that most of the aftermarket tend to source Chinese products as cheap as they possibly can to meet the lowest retail price point they can.

But not everyone wants Lidl and Aldi do they? Some people prefer Waitrose or Marks and Spencer, right?

Most aftermarket flexes are 0.75 mm finished in a cheap-looking pale grey and shorter than you’d prefer. When fitted to a late model Dyson, these tend to look as cheap and nasty as they are. Many have the wrong spades on the end, badly crimped ones or no spades at all.

Cheap Dyson Power Cord

It’s often hard to tell the difference between colour shades, good quality and a bad quality cable when looking at online listings, and by the time it prematurely fails, the window for return will have long passed anyway.

Dyson has always fitted nice little cable tidy clips to their original cables and most of the aftermarket don’t bother to supply these on their cables. Why? Because it adds a few pence to the production cost.

You can swap the cable clip over from your old one, but they are often fiddly and sometimes break.


Imagine if you could buy a good quality 1.00 mm replacement aftermarket Dyson cable? Imagine if it was in the correct dark grey, with the correct terminals on the end and a nice little cable tidy clip already fitted? It may even come in a cardboard box so that isn’t yet more plastic to kill the marine life in our oceans.

And now somebody has – here it is:

Dyson DC04 flex


Totally plug and play and pretty much indiscernible from the original. Apart from being longer than most at 10.9m.

With the correct spades for DC04, DC14 and DC24 model Dysons.

Dyson DC14 flex


With a nice rubbery cable tidy clip already there.

Replacement Dyson DC24 cable


This is a 1 mm, two core, longer than OEM specification, dark grey compatible flex that fits these Dyson models.

      • Dyson DC04
      • Dyson DC14
      • Dyson DC24

Cross reference with these part numbers: 916588-01, 908578-06, 914259-29, 914259-23, 914259-02, 911859-02, 5031685212902, ES1440604, ES966394, ES1117626

You can buy it directly from Manchester Vacs here: DC04 DC14 DC24 Model Dyson Power Cord (Flex)

If you prefer eBay, you can get it here: Genuine Specification Dyson DC04 Extra Long 10m Replacement Flex Cable Cord Lead

If you prefer Amazon, you can get it here: Manchester Vacs Replacement for Dyson Flex Cord Lead for DC04 DC14 DC24 – Cable Wire

If you are not in the UK (but are somewhere they use UK plugs like Hong Kong, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore or Gibraltar) you will find it preferable to use the eBay listing linked above as that will give you full tracked delivery to most other countries.

If you are in the trade and want to buy cheaper in 10s, you can do so >>here<<.

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