Washing or Changing the Filter on a Dyson DC07

Is your Dyson DC07 cutting out? Let it cool down and it will run again maybe. Sound familiar?

Is suction not as good as it was? It’s all generally working but suction has declined over time?

Did you ever change the filter?

“There’s a filter?” you ask. “Where is it?”

Not only is there a filter, but it is a washable filter. You can wash it a few times before it will need replacing (unless you have neglected it beyond the point of no return, in that event, you buy a new Dyson DC07 filter). So here is what you do: Take a look down the side of the machine, see that little coloured button?

Dyson DC07 Cutting out?

Press it. The filter and the filter housing will come out like this:

Dyson DC07 Filter

Then you remove the filter from the housing like this:

Dyson DC07 Not Sucking

The filter is a two part filter. Separate the blue and yellow bits, wash them thoroughly in warm water with a little detergent, dry them (properly) in a warm place and put it back together. That’s it! Simple huh?

You can use the comment box below to tell us if this made your Dyson any better. 😉

2 Responses to “Washing or Changing the Filter on a Dyson DC07”

  1. According to the Dyson website:


    Filter washing

    Step 3

    Wash in cold water only. Please do not use detergent on the filter,

  2. I have been washing them twenty at at time – with detergent – in a washing machine for years.

    Just because Dyson say something, doesn’t mean its true. Here is an example: Dyson DC07 Cyclone Components: Dyson -v- the Truth

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