Using Dyson Tools With a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

Seeing as Dyson have stopped developing new corded vacuum cleaners, it becomes quite challenging to have a Dyson blog on the subject of new Dysons.

Why it’s been pretty quiet around here.

There are cordless Dysons of course.

But despite the marketing hype, in real-world situations most people we encounter find them unsuitable or inadequate as a single main vacuum cleaner. A normal family home will need a proper mains powered machine as well.

Of course, when considering Dyson products we could write about hair dryers, hair curlers, straighteners, purifying fans or even LED lights that cost £1000. But we have traditionally here written about Dyson vacuum cleaners, not so much their other products.

When Dyson announced to the world that they had stopped developing corded vacuum cleaners, the suggestion we were supposed to glean from this is that the final three models that they have on the market at the moment are the pinnacle of excellence and cannot be improved upon.

We would beg to differ.

The UP15 Small Ball is essentially a reworked and updated DC40. The DC40 was plagued with wiring loom faults and a propensity to glue itself to the floor when faced with carpets longer than several millimetres. The DC40 was far from the greatest machine Dyson made (we suggest the greatest machine was actually the DC33 but we digress).

Dyson as a company appears more focused on non-vacuum products and Asian markets then its traditional vacuum cleaner customer base in the UK.

That is no problem because other companies have enthusiastically leapt into that void. The most notable being Sebo.

Sebo: The best vacuum cleaner

The Sebo X1.1 vacuum cleaner

Sebo is a German company that makes arguably the best vacuum cleaners in the world.

A great number of people are now making the move from Dyson to Sebo when their old Dyson dies (or having bought a cordless Dyson, they realise they need something a little more serious as well).

The customer that makes the transition from Dyson to Sebo generally has two complaints:

The first being that Sebo’s range of tools and accessories, while basic and functional, they are somewhat lacking in creativity.

The second being that they have a cupboard full of very expensive Dyson tools and accessories which,  although their Dyson machine has died, they very much enjoyed using those tools.

Dyson have had a propensity to change the tool fittings on their machines over the years, so four main socket types exist. And none of them will fit your Sebo.

However, as usual the innovative aftermarket has sprung into that space and solved the problem for the new Sebo owner.

This is a set of Dyson to Sebo tool adaptors.

They will allow pretty much any Dyson tool to fit any Sebo vacuum cleaner. Simple as that.

Now you can use your Dyson groom tool, tangle free turbine tool, soft dusting brush, flexible crevice tool and any other Dyson tool that you care to mention with your shiny new Sebo vacuum cleaner.

Here’s a video overview.

Where to buy?

If you are in the UK, you can buy them cheapest from the Sebo Shop >>here<<. They charge £6.99 DPD for next working day delivery. However, that charge does not increase if you order more items, so you can add packets of bags, service boxes and other parts and accessories to your order and pay the same flat delivery fee (it becomes free over £120). Buy a couple of items and that is the best value option.

If you are an Amazon buyer you can find them >>here<< on Amazon.

If you prefer a eBay (or you are not in the UK) you can buy them >>here<<. eBay is probably the cheaper option for US, Canadian and Australian buyers. There are also multibuy discounts there. And that comes with tracked international delivery through eBay Global Fulfillment.

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