The New Sebo X7 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Although we are mostly about the Dysons here at Dyson Medic, we recently ran an article entitled: Why Are The Bigger Independent Dyson Shops Now Moving Over to Sebo?

Sebo is one of the rising stars among the handful of manufacturers that make “proper” machines. They have been around since the late 70s and are the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial vacuum cleaners, the Sebo BS36 being the one that has sold in the MILLIONS.

They are starting to make significant inroads into the domestic market as well. As any Range Rover driving, Mumsnet-reading, Yummy Mummy from the Shires knows, Sebo is the machine of choice among those who don’t want a cheap and nasty throwaway machine like a Hoover or Vax that will end up in the bin after twelve months.

We highlighted recently about the New EU 900w Vacuum Cleaner Rules in September 2017, and noted thus:

The big names like Sebo, Dyson, Bosch and Miele know this is coming and are planning for it. All should have 900w machines on the market that are quite decent.

So as we like to be first out of the gates with the news here at Medic, we decided to report on the new offering from Sebo.

In order to comply with the new EU rulings that vacuums must be less than 80 decibels and under 900 watts, Sebo have launched the Sebo Automatic X7.

Sebo X7

With a super-quiet motor coming in at a shade under the regulations at 890 watts, Sebo have managed to rework the retro design of their iconic X1 and X4 machines into this all-new offering.

The machine was launched at the IFA trade show running from the 1-6th September 2017 in Berlin (this post was written on the 5th September so you are among the first to know).

This all-new Sebo will be hitting British shores very soon.

This is the replacement for the previous generation X1 and X4 models that the EU recently outlawed.

As Sebo aficionados will see, visual differences between the older generation machines and the new Sebo Automatic X7 are minimal at first glance. However, Sebo have never been one to reinvent the wheel every couple of years as Dyson try to. Sebo vacuums have always evolved naturally over time with tried and tested solid German engineering that is constantly being improved upon with every model revision.

The all-new Sebo X7 Automatic is no exception. Functionality remains much the same as the previous X1 and X4 models, but the EU demand for smaller motors and quieter machines means Sebo have reworked their iconic design into something just as efficient as its predecessors. But the new Sebo X7 uses less electricity with the all new 890w motor and is quieter than previous Sebo models.

This new Sebo was only unveiled this week, and we haven’t a firm launch date yet in the UK. But it won’t be long as stocks of the X1 and X4 are running out fast as people scramble to buy more powerful machines that pre-date the EU vacuum ban.

If you want to be the first to know when this new Sebo X7 machine has landed in the UK, you can look >>here<< and send an email to know the moment it lands here in the UK.

Edit: Here is the first floor test published.

Forum discussion and more photos >>here<<.

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  1. The Sebo X7 has now been launched, and Manchester Vacs ( are the first in the UK to have stock.

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