Dyson Are Ending Parts & Service Support for the DC04 Range.

Dyson have recently announced that they are ending spare parts and service support for the DC04 range of vacuum cleaners. Released in 1998, the DC04 was one of Dysons all time most popular models and many tens of thousands are still around today. Dyson ended spare parts and service support for the DC01 and DC02 […]

Where to Buy a Dyson DC41 Motor

So you want to swap the main motor on your Dyson DC41 and cannot believe the price of the motor bucket assembly? This is the predicament I had recently when I came by a DC41 with a burned out motor. I stripped it down (a mammoth task since you ask) and discovered it had a […]

Cheap Dyson Motors – 150 Reasons Not to Buy One.

If you are looking for a cheap replacement motor for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, you may well head over to eBay or Amazon or a similar site and buy the cheapest one you can find. You can sometimes get a cheap Chinese copy one for about twenty pounds. After all, a motor is just a motor […]

Want to Repair a DC01 YDK YV-940 Motor? Get an Armature!

The Dyson DC01 YDK type motor (designated YV-940) has been unavailable for some time. The DC01 was Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner in the UK and they are now almost two decades old. We wrote about the fact that Dyson has abandoned all parts supply and support for its first born here: The Slow Demise of the DC01 and the DC02. The fact that […]

How To Strip Down a Dyson DC08

So, you want to strip down your Dyson DC08? There are many reasons why you may want to do this: to replace the motor, to access the power switch or to access the cable reel are the main ones. To do any of those jobs, you need to open up your Dyson DC08. So here’s how: Take […]

About The Dyson DC23 DC32 Motor YV 16K24B

You may be unlucky enough to have have acquired a Dyson DC23 (called a DC32 in Australia) that needs stripping down to replace the motor. That being the case, there are a few things you need to know about it. The Dyson DC23 is fitted with a YDK motor which is very similar to other Dyson YDK […]

Dyson DC27 Motor Replacement

Are you looking to buy a Dyson DC27 motor online? As the DC27 is quite a late model Dyson, not too many people are listing the DC27 motor as available just yet. It seems though that the Dyson DC27’s are designed in such a way that makes the motors work quite hard. If they are abused, for example by […]

Dyson DC07 Motor Replacement Guide

Dyson DC07 Motor Swap/Change

Remember to make sure your Dyson DC07 is unplugged from the mains before starting this job.

Replacing the motor is probably the most technical, and certainly the hardest repair to the Dyson DC07, and should only be undertaken by competent people who feel confident enough with electrical appliances to do it. This is not an amateur job and if you are not confident performing a motor swap to your Dyson DC07, please take it to a vacuum cleaner repair shop.

Before you start, here is what you will need:

*A new motor. You can get a top quality one for £35 including fast UK delivery here: >>Dyson DC07 Motor<< *Various flat blade screwdrivers (you probably have a selection of those anyway). *A Dyson Star T15 Torx screwdriver (buy a good quality one >>HERE<<). *Pliers (or maybe grips). *A big cup of tea, the wife out of the house, and an hour or two to kill. Likely Symptoms of a Failed Dyson DC07 Motor: *A noticeable smell of burning or a very strong acrid smell when the Dyson is running. *The motor may sound noisy, laboured or be varying in speed when running. *The motor may make a strange popping or bubbling type of noise. *Smoke or sparks from motor housing area. *There can be a high pitched noise from the motor, which may suggest that the motor bearings are worn out. DC07 Model Variations. This video below was made using a base model DC07 without the brush control knob (clutch). There are some differences to the sole plate and brush-roll areas on machines fitted with a clutch (All Floors models). However, the core elements of the machine are almost the same. The replacement of the Dyson DC07 motors are somewhat similar between all variants, and shouldn't create too much of a challenge to those with a technical inclination. Click the title link to the main article to watch the video.

Replacing a Dyson DC04 Motor (Ametek or YDK)

If you need to replace the motor on your Dyson DC04, there are two different types. You need to know which one yours is to be sure you buy the correct one. They are not directly interchangeable without a minor modification.

If your machine is a clutchless lime green and grey model, it *should* have an Ametek motor fitted to it as standard.

Most other models have a clutch. If your machine is fitted with a clutch, it *should* have a YDK motor fitted to it as standard.

If you are confused about the differences between Dyson DC04 models, there is a guide here: Dyson DC04 Model Index

That said, if the machine has ever been stripped down and rebuilt in the past, it is possible that someone else fitted the other type, depending on what they had handy at the time. Therefore, it is always better to strip your machine down to ascertain which motor is fitted to your Dyson DC04.

Remember, these motors are not directly interchangeable, so if buying a motor only, be sure you get the correct one.

However, as more machines with YDK motors were made, it is easier — and usually cheaper — to source a new YDK motor than it is an Ametek. There is an easy way around fitting a YDK motor to your machine where previously there was an Ametek fitted. Look again at the pictures above. You see there are motor rubbers and a plastic retaining ring there? Although they look pretty similar, they actually differ.

If your machine had an Ametek motor fitted, you can fit a YDK type motor with ease. Just be sure that you get the YDK rubbers and the plastic retaining ring to go with it and you are good to go. No other modifications are required. You simply fit the YDK motor together with the fan-case seal, top rubber and plastic retaining ring when you reassemble.

We do not recommend taking the budget route and buying a used DC04 motor from somewhere like eBay. Although you may think you are getting good value at first, this is where a lot of unscrupulous sellers unload a lot of their reject or tired rubbish. For sure, you will get a cheap one there, but after the crucifying fees the seller must pay in eBay and Paypal charges, the net price they receive after postage will be very small. This does not incentivise them to send you a quality item. Additionally, used DC04 motors usually have a very short service life left as they do wear out comparatively faster than some other Dyson models. Buying a used one is a false economy. We recommend you buy a new one.

If you need a new motor for your Dyson DC04, source it from a Dyson specialist. This will ensure you get a quality item from a trusted source at a great price. Below is a link to who we recommend. You can order a YDK motor for £35 including UK delivery. If your machine had an Ametek fitted, they will even throw you the extra seal and ring in for free!

Click the topic title to go to the full article to see our recommendation.

Buy a Dyson DC03 Motor

If you are seeking to replace the motor on your Dyson DC03, it is called a “YDK” motor and will have the code “YV920” on the side. There is only one type fitted to all Dyson DC03 models.

The DC03 motors are quite sturdy units. They were used in the Dyson DC03’s back when Dysons were still made in England in the late 1990’s. However, fifteen years or so later, the odd one is starting to fail now.

They are still available new, but are quite expensive compared to the value of your Dyson DC03 machine now. Many of the ones available are cheap Chinese knock-offs that will last nothing like the period of time your old one did.

As the originals were so well built, consider buying a quality used one. Not only is it green as you are recycling, but life expectancy should be just fine as long as the one you buy is properly tested and not sparking near the armature when in use.

The picture below shows you the YDK YV-920 motor, so you know what you are looking at.

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