How to Strip Down a Dyson DC25 Cleanerhead to Change the Brushroll Motor

How to Strip Down a Dyson DC25 Cleanerhead to Change the Brushroll Motor. A few people have asked about a tutorial on this subject and how to test the brushroll motor in the head before buying a motor, a PCB or other DC25 cleanerhead spare parts. So here I am going to show you how […]

Beware Some After-Market DC25 Filters – Do Not Fit Correctly [March 2014]

As we know, after-market spare parts are usually pretty good. Well, assuming you buy off a reputable parts supplier. Most are made in China, and there is good, bad and ugly out there. With Dyson filters, most are pretty good, but from time to time there are problems. In the main, there are one or […]

DC25: No Power To Cleaner Head

A problem we have started noticing with the Dyson DC25 is no power coming out of the machine to the cleanerhead. The DC25 is notorious for cleanerhead problems; you will find other articles on Dyson Medic about it. But this is one we are seeing more and more of, so I thought it worth documenting. […]

DC25 (DC41) Cleanerhead Brushbar Motors Now Available.

I have opined for some time about the unavailability of Dyson DC25 brushroll motors. Why Dyson chose to use Johnson motors that have proved to be less than stellar is anyone’s guess. Why they continue to use them in the DC41 and other machines is also a mystery.   I am referring to the Johnson DC771(2)XLLG ones that allegedly only […]

All the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Models

How many Dysons are there? Dyson makes so many different models of vacuum cleaner, and are always introducing new ones onto the market, that people find the model numbers very confusing. Was the DC01 the first? No it wasn’t actually. The first widely-available vacuum cleaner James Dyson made was called the ‘G-Force’ . It was the first vacuum cleaner to use […]

Dyson DC25 Rattling Brushbar Fix

Is your Dyson DC25 noisy? Often times when this is the case, the noise is a rattling coming from the brushbar assembly (that’s the motorised roller brush that contacts the floor). Many people will tell you that you must fit an entire cleanerhead assembly to fix the rattling noise on your DC25. Not always the […]

The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Forums Newsletter

Hello Dyson Enthusiast, As a member of the Dyson Forums, we just wanted to take an opportunity to bring you up to date with a few happenings, a few special offers and a handful of other things that may be of interest to you. Although the forums were only recently added to our site, they […]

Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor?

Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor? Can one be adapted to fit the other? As Dyson technical folks, these are questions we are often asked. The reason is, that Dyson refuse to make available the brushbar motor for the DC25. No, we don’t know why either. You can find out more […]

All about the DC25 brush bar motor

Looking for information on the DC25 brush bar motor? You found it. Many people seeking to repair their Dyson DC25 end up looking for a replacement DC25 brush bar motor. The bad news is that they are not actually available yet. There are certain parts that Dyson refuse to make available to the public, which is understandable […]

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