DC24: Why Some Brushrolls Don’t Fit onto New Brushroll Motors.

This has cropped up a few times recently, so I thought we would have a post explaining it. If you have got yourself a new DC24 Brush Bar Motor, it can sometimes be the case that upon reassembly, your current brushroll doesn’t fit the new drive cog fitted to the new motor. This sometimes causes […]

DC24 Brushroll Motors Now Available OEM.

If you are looking for the best price on the Dyson DC24 brush bar/brush roll motor, the aftermarket has once again come up trumps. Johnson is the company that makes these for Dyson. They have been reluctant to supply them to any other companies. This means the end user up until now could pay anything […]

Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor?

Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor? Can one be adapted to fit the other? As Dyson technical folks, these are questions we are often asked. The reason is, that Dyson refuse to make available the brushbar motor for the DC25. No, we don’t know why either. You can find out more […]

How to Replace the Brush Bar Motor on a Dyson DC24

How to Replace the Brush Bar Motor on a Dyson DC24: Maybe you have read our other article: Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor which describes what to check if your brush bar (brush roll) on your Dyson DC24 isn’t turning? To recap, before we suspect the worst, look to the front of the machine on the cleaner brush head. On the left […]

Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor

So the brush bar on your Dyson DC24 isn’t turning? You are not alone. Before we suspect the worst, look to the front of the machine on the cleaner brush head. On the left side is a small button. This is a “reset” button. Power the machine on and off whilst pressing it a few times. Do the same with the small brush switch next to the main power switch.

Remember that the brush should only turn when the machine is reclined. It will not spin when the machine is standing upright.

This is design fault in our opinion. The motors are not much good. They don’t tend to last very long. Dyson are replacing thousands of them under warranty. However, if your machine is out of warranty, or you don’t have the original receipt or were not the original purchaser, Dyson will charge you over £70 to turn out and correct their own design fault. Cute huh?

You can only buy a complete cleaner head from Dyson at the cost of £74.59. They do this for two reasons, firstly because to replace the motor is not an amateur job that those unfamiliar with electrical appliances should probably attempt. Second is that the brush bars themselves do tend to wear out quite quickly too. It saves them messing about if they sell you a complete clip on unit that solves all the likely problems your DC24 will have.

There are two electrical components in the cleaner head that can go wrong. The brushbar motor and the printed circuit board (the PCB). Experience has taught us that although the PCB’s in the DC24 do burn out occasionally, 99.9% of the time the brush bar motor is to blame.

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