Dyson DC04: How to empty the bin. How to clean the filter.

The Dyson DC04 is widely regarded as the “Ford Transit” of Dysons. They are not a new model any more but there are literally millions of them still around. You can still easily buy a reconditioned Dyson DC04, and ALL the spare parts are available that will make them run forever.

Do you know how to make your Dyson DC04 last longer?

Firstly, you need to empty it in a timely manner. Next, you need to make sure the pre-motor filter is clean. Yes, its a washable filter; with a Dyson you don’t need to buy filters very often. You can wash them a few times first!

Keep your Dyson DC04 in tip top condition. Watch the video below to learn not only how to empty the canister, but also how to remove, wash and replace the washable filter too.

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