Dyson DC03 Switch Removal and Cable Replacement

Removing the switch unit from a Dyson DC03 in order that you can access the power switch and the mains lead (flex): Now the Dyson DC03’s are getting a little elderly, the cable occasionally breaks inside the sheathing near to where it enters the machine. This can cause intermittent operation as the break in the wire opens and closes as the machine is moved around and the cable flexes. Occasionally, the power switch itself may fail necessitating replacement.

The coloured button itself must be removed first. The power button on a Dyson DC03 depresses at the front to power the machine on and off, and pivots at the back. In order to be able to remove it without breaking it, you must first understand exactly how and where it pivots. The picture below is of a DC03 switch unit out of the machine but reassembled so you can see the pivot point.

The arrow in the photo is indicating the pivot point.

In order to remove the button, you need to place a slim blade down the side of the switch button, at each side, to dislocate the pegs from the holders. The hard part is knowing exactly where to place your blade at each side, which is why I showed you a switch unit removed, but re-assembled with the button in place. You need to be careful doing this bit as the plastic may crack while you are manipulating it.

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