Suggest After-Market Spares That Are Not Yet Made? Dyson or Any Brand.

Here is your chance to have a direct influence on the after-market spare parts industry and help other people with your ideas at the same time.

We at Dyson Medic are privileged that we have a direct line, so to speak, to the top of several of the better known manufacturers, suppliers and importers of after-market Dyson and other brand-compatible spares.

After-market spare parts are a critical part of the spares industry that keep spare parts affordable for consumers. Without them, consumers would be forced to pay manufacturers prices. Without free-market competition, original manufacturers can charge literally whatever they like.

For the few manufacturers that keep prices of spares low, the after-market is of little concern to them. Because nobody bothers to make compatible spares if you can buy them cheaply enough original.

But certain manufacturers – Dyson among them – tend to charge what many people regard as high prices for some spare parts. Hence many people seek cheaper alternatives.

It is often the case that a part that is prone to break isn’t available on its own; but rather only as part of a more expensive assembly. Dyson DC07 cyclone units are a good example, the top handle is somewhat prone to break, but Dyson will only sell you a  full cyclone assembly. The after-market addressed that by launching DC07 cyclone handles some time ago.

Some manufacturers – Dyson among them – withdraw spare parts supply altogether when they decide that the machines still out there should die. A good example of this is when Dyson withdrew all parts and support for the DC01 and DC02. Thanks to the after-market, most DC01 spares are still available. Its a good job because many thousands of DC01’s are still out there.

Some manufacturers – Dyson among them – have in the past used their considerable financial power to sue after-market manufacturers of spare parts that fit their machines. However, the historical case law that allowed Dyson and others to win many of these cases in the mid naughties dated back to very old cases involving British Leyland in the 70’s, and some documents even quote case law from the early 1900’s. Much of which is quite irrelevant today.

Manufacturers dont always win the court cases they start though, as Dyson found out when they sued Vax. Dyson took that case to appeal and still lost. Common sense won.

There are two sides to the argument though. Dyson, for example, argue that they spend a lot of money on research and design, and they don’t do that in order that others can produce cheaper alternatives to their designs. They argue that such activities lose them sales revenue, and thus funds to innovate in the future.

However, the automotive industry is used to this. You can buy spares such as filters, exhausts or brake parts for pretty much any car within a year of its launch. We don’t see Ford or Mercedes suing independent manufacturers for making a compatible air filter. The difference is, Ford and Mercedes supply the repair trade with spare parts.

Some domestic and commercial appliance manufacturers – Dyson and Bosch among them – refuse to supply the repair trade with some spare parts as we highlighted in this article.

In recent months, Dyson have declined to supply the after-market, Dyson spare part sellers and machine refurbishers with Dyson spares for Airblade hand dryers.

In such cases, it is only natural that the after-market responds. Such cases highlight the need for a robust and innovative after-market that can operate without fear of speculative litigation from an original manufacturer with deep pockets and in house lawyers. EU rules in recent years have helped level the playing field in that regard a little. More is available now than once was.

In a free market, why should a consumer be forced to pay whatever price a manufacturer sees fit to charge? Why should a consumer be forced into product registration? Providing serial numbers?

The after-market, the compatible spares manufacturers, are the sensible counterbalance to such silliness. With after-market parts, you do not need to give an inside leg measurement and a pint of blood to buy a spare part. You just do what we have been doing to get stuff for thousands of years: pay some money and buy it.

So after that long winded wind up, we get to the thrust of the article:

As the title suggests, is there anything you can think of that needs making after-market that isn’t yet?

Something that is too expensive or unavailable genuine?

The one thing that many after-market manufacturers lack is specific knowledge of what breaks on what machines. Only people who take machines to bits to repair them know that.

What isn’t available any more that you still want to buy?

What is available that costs three times more original than you think it needs to, or should do?

Why does nobody make that little clip? That little bracket? Well, someone might do if you tell them there is a demand.

Although this is a Dyson themed site, your ideas do not have to be only Dyson parts. They can be Hoover, Sebo, Vax or any brand.

Your ideas need not be even vacuum cleaner parts. They can be parts for washing machines, fridges or even cars. Manufacturers want to manufacture stuff you and other people want. They do not really care if it is from a Dyson DC03 or a Ford Cortina. If there is a demand, and nobody has made it, or made it at a reasonable price yet, or it has become obsolete despite there still being demand, after-market manufacturers want to hear about it.

Your ideas might lead to a new after-market product being launched. thumbs

Please use the comment box below to submit your ideas. All comments will go to “moderation” and not be published (because there is competition out there!). However, we will see all comments. Please use a valid email address in case of any questions we might have. All viable ideas will be submitted to a manufacturer we know for consideration. If any of the manufacturers run with your idea, you will get some of the products for free once they are in production.

Please use the social media buttons below to share the article on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The more people read it, the more ideas will come and the more money we may all save in the future.


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  1. A lightweight wand for the DC34, maybe plastic not metal? I know you’re not supposed to use wands for other machines on the DC34, maybe because they’re too heavy?

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