Safety Recall of Dyson Fans/Heaters AM04 AM05 – Fire Risk

Dyson “Hot” and “Hot + Cool” (AM04 and AM05) owners in the UK who registered their machine for warranty with Dyson are this week receiving a letter from Dyson asking that the machines be returned for a repair of a design fault that means the machines are a potential fire risk.

Up to one million fan heaters are to be recalled by Dyson over the fire risks.

This recall affects the ‘Air Multiplier’ AM04 and AM05 machines.

Here is the letter sent out in the UK:

Dyson Ltd is voluntarily recalling Dyson Hot and Dyson Hot+Cool (AMO4 and AM05) heaters. Our records indicate that you may have purchased one or more of these products.

We have sold close to one million Dyson AMO4 and AMO5 heaters globally. Out of these, we know of a small number of cases where machines have short-circuited leading to a small fire contained within the machine. There have been no reported instances of injury or external damage. However, safety is our first priority, and so we are instigating a voluntary global recall of Dyson AMO4 and AMO5 heaters.

As a precautionary measure, please stop using your heater and unplug it.

Please visit to register for a free engineering fix where you will receive instructions on how to return your machine. To do this you will need the heater’s serial number, which can be found on its underside — it contains both numbers and letters. If you need assistance in registering your machine, you can call 0800 090 1400. 8am — 8pm Monday — Friday. 8am — 6pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Once received by Dyson, your heater will be fixed, serviced, cleaned and returned — all free of charge. A full two year parts and labour guarantee will be applied, starting from the date of the fix. Please note: All Dyson Hot and Dyson Hot+Cool (AMO4 & AM05) heaters are affected. Dyson’s Air Multiplier cooling fans (AM01, AMO2, AM03, AM06, AMO7 and AM08) are not affected.

Thank you for your patience.


Steven Wichary
Managing Director

Dyson AM04 Review

The model, which does not have visible blades, was released in 2011 and the recall does not affect the earlier non-heat fan versions.

Dyson chief executive Max Conze said: “We have sold a million heaters around the world; we have seen a small number short-circuit, which in four cases resulted in contained burning.

“Although there have been no instances of personal injury or damage to property, it’s four too many.

“So we are working with the relevant regulatory bodies and preparing for a voluntary recall.”

People with the heaters have been advised to unplug the devices from power sockets.

Procedure for International Customers:

Dyson has listed instructions for 36 countries on its recall website.

Owners in Britain and Ireland must register with the company prior to the heaters being collected, fixed and redelivered free of charge. The service will also include a new two-year warranty.

Owners in New Zealand and Hong Kong are being offered completely new machines (why not in the UK?)

The procedures for those in the United States are yet to be finalised.

Customers in Greece have been told to return heaters to the place of purchase.

Why New Zealand and Hong Kong get new machines, and the UK “home” market doesn’t is anyones guess. I’d rather have a new machine personally.

Why they are making UK customers register is also a bit sneaky in my opinion. Nothing more than data-napping so they have a larger marketing base of owners. I fail to see why the machine needs to be “registered” in order for them to repair a design fault.

I wonder if they will make it work properly while they have it? We at Dyson Medic reviewed the AM04 here: Review of the AM04 Dyson Hot Heater and were far from overwhelmed.

If mine burst into flames, it might actually emit some heat………..

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