Replacing a Dyson DC14 Red Wand Top End Collar

We wrote a couple of years ago that DC14 wand top collars were available.

We also wrote that they were only designed for early type DC14 machines with the type of tool connector on that is secured by the half circle clip.

The later red moulded type has never been available as it cannot easily be removed from the wand; Dyson designed it not to come off.

But we have recently discovered that if you are practical, you can change the late red type of wand tool holder for the early one.

Here are the two types.

DC14 wand types2

The early type is arrowed on the left, the replacement part you buy looks like this:

DC14 wand collar

So here goes fitting the available new part to a machine with a red moulded top:

First cut off the old top.

DC14 wand collar

Having removed the old one and cleaned up the end of the tube, you will see two flaps sticking out. 

DC14 wand repair

These were to hold the old wand collar in place, we wont be using these now so gently tap them in so they are flush with the pole. 

Having done that, offer your new collar up, slide it on, and make sure it is pushed down far enough and is in the right position nice and snug. 

DC14 wand top repair

There are three slots where the half circle will later clip into. Use a scribe, a nail or even a small felt tip to mark the position of the three slots on the pole. 

Pull the collar back off again and you should see your marks. 

DC14 wand refurbishment

Using your grinder fitted with a cutting disc, cut out the three slots so you end up with something like this:

DC14 red wand top replacement

It can take a few attempts to get them right. Take your time and use a small file to square the corners up if need be. 

Remember, you can always take a bit more off, but you cant put any back.  ;)

When you have got it right, your three cut outs will correspond with the three slots in the wand collar. 

DC14 tool holder replacement

Pop on your half circle clip, which will now fit, and slide home. 

DC14 wand top

The replacement part will cost you just £5.99 from here: >>DC14 wand top collar<<

And that is the ONLY way to repair a DC14 wand that has a moulded red collar on the top without buying a new wand.

You read it here first. thumbs

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