Purple Dyson Stair Tools Now Available Again

Dyson discontinued the purple stair tools some time ago. They reverted to making only grey/silver ones that were compatible for any machine.

However, now they have the cheek to charge you a whopping £10 for one of their stair tools. And as you are checking out, adding a further £3 for shipping. An eye-watering £13 to replace a stair tool that isn’t even purple like you wanted?

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If you have a De Stijl DC01 or a DC04 Absolute, your machine would be decidedly non-original if it carried a non-purple stair tool.

As with most things, the after-market responded.

A leading British company that specialises in domestic appliance spare parts manufacturing made a batch of stair tools in purple a few years ago.

Purple Dyson Stair Tool

Of course, as they were making a part that fitted Dyson vacuum cleaners (not to mention also fitting other machines with 32mm fittings like Electrolux, Hoover, Nilfisk, Numatic, Premiere, Rowenta, Seimens and Vax), they had to make them look that little teeny-weeny bit different than the ones Dyson made.

In legal circles, that is known as “keeping yourself out of legal hot water with companies that have more money than God”.

Hence, you will see a few minor design differences from your original Dyson purple stair and upholstery tool.

Purple Dyson Stair Tool

They were sold for a couple of years and then became unavailable (apart from a few suppliers that may have a few in their old stock still). The reason? A factory fire damaged the original tooling casts, and because they cost so much to make again, no more were made – nor ever will be.

Dyson no longer supply purple stair tools with their new machines, so the demand lessened to the extent that an after-market manufacturer making a fresh batch with a minimum order run of 50,000 wasn’t economically viable.

However, an old batch of 1000 has been discovered at the back of a dusty warehouse in Manchester, so for a limited time, some of these much-loved purple stair tools are on the market once again.

We at Dyson Medic have tested one of these stair tools with a variety of machines, and can confirm exactly which models they will fit:

DC01: They fit all DC01 models.

DC02: They fit all DC02 models but wont fit in the tool storage space on your machine.

DC03: They fit all DC03 machines.

DC04: They fit all DC04 machines. They fit snugly on the top of the cyclone as the original Dyson tool did.

DC05: They will fit all standard DC05 machines.

DC08: They fit all standard DC08 machines.

DC07: They fit all DC07 machines, and will even clip into the tool storage aperture on the side of the machine as they have the correct groove to do so.

DC14: They fit all DC14 machines and even sit on top of the cyclone unit nice and snug – which no after-market tools usually do (cheap Chinese copies fall off).

They also fit any Electrolux, Hoover, Nilfisk, Numatic, Premiere, Rowenta, Seimens and Vax machine with a 32mm tool diameter.

Here is some more good news: These tools were upgraded beyond original spec, redesigned and manufactured by a British design team. uk_flag

Here is one being used with a Dyson DC14 hose:

Purple Dyson Stair Tool


Here are the technical specs:

purple tool blurb1

These will not fall to bits like cheapo eBay or Amazon Chinese copies. These tools are proper British products. And how often do you see that nowadays?

Want to save over eight quid from Dysons prices?

You can get one of these for just £4.99 including UK shipping.

Although Dyson Medic is not a spares shop, we have took the decision to make these available directly to you from this page via the checkout of one of our trusted Dyson specialists (Manchester Vacs). But only while stocks last.

Click the button below to buy one now.


You can pay with Paypal Express Checkout (if you have a Paypal account) or if you want to use a regular UK bank credit or debit card, just click the grey checkout button (after the “Buy Now” button above) and you can shop online in the usual way.

You will receive immediate e-mail confirmation of purchase from Manchester Vacs right after the transaction. 

Your credit/debit card data is only transmitted via super-secure, bank-style encrypted servers (Same as eBay or Amazon use). Dyson Medic has no access to your personal or financial information. 

Shipping will be by Second Class mail the next working day after purchase. So you should see your new purple stair tool within a week. Probably sooner.

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