How to save money on a mini turbine tool for a DC07, DC14, DC15 or DC18.

Don’t you just hate it when a simple solution to an old problem falls in your lap, and then you find out it was there all along and you never noticed?

That is what happened today.

A good customer of mine wanted a mini turbine tool for his DC07, and was complaining that the well-regarded after-market one that fits the DC01, DC02, DC03, and DC04 doesn’t fit the DC07.

Despite them taking the same 32mm tool set.

The answer lies in the design of the hose. That the standard after-market mini turbine tool doesn’t fit the DC07, DC14 and DC18 hose is not new news.

Here is a standard after-market 32mm mini turbine tool.

DC07 mini turbine tool

His next question was, “Is there an adaptor?”

The answer to that is no. But on his insistence, we delved in our box of adaptors, more to prove him wrong than anything, and guess what happened?

Yup. We learned something!

Here is a DC07 hose end.

DC07 hose

And here is a DC01 adaptor that only fits (we thought) the DC01 (I only had a purple one handy – most are grey).

DC07 adaptor

But what if you do this?

DC14 hose adaptor

By jove, it fits! thumbs

And that means it will fit the DC04 non-clutched, DC14, DC15 and DC18 too.

So what if we then do this?

DC14 mini turbine tool

We fired it up and the wee brush spun like a good un’.

The chap had his budget mini turbine tool – and it sealed well and worked a treat!  icon_nod

So here is the skinny: 

If you want a mini turbine tool/mini turbo head tool for your Dyson DC01, DC04 (lime green/grey), DC07, DC14, Dc15 or DC18, you want one of these: >>Mini Turbo Turbine Head DC01, DC04 (Green/Grey) DC07 DC14 DC15 DC18<<

By my reckoning, that is under £18 with UK delivery. Which is pretty good value. Dyson Medic just saved you over £25 on buying a Dyson ‘tangle tool’ or ‘turbo head’ or ‘mini turbine head’ or whatever they are called this week at Dyson.

And all this time, we had these mini turbine tools sitting five feet away from these adaptors and we never knew this. Because nobody ever tried to mate them together

Learn about other mini turbo heads for other models >>here<<.

Now don’t you go writing it on the internet or anything will you?

Even Dyson gurus learn something sometimes………… 



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