Media: Talk to a Vacuum Cleaner Expert at Manchester Vacs

Media: Manchester Vacs – Your Vacuum Cleaner Expert

For media professionals in search of a reliable source for vacuum-related expertise, Manchester Vacs is the largest independent vacuum cleaner dealer in the North of England.

Why Choose Manchester Vacs?

In the world of media, credibility is crucial. Recognized as Sebo vacuum dealers, likely the largest in the UK, and specialists in Dyson and other vacuum brands, Manchester Vacs offers straightforward insights and practical expertise.

Edwina Currie at Manchester Vacs

What They Bring to the Table

The team at Manchester Vacs holds in-depth knowledge of the vacuum cleaner industry. Whether a journalist is looking for a no-nonsense quote, a producer needs an informed guest, or a location scout seeks a backdrop, Manchester Vacs is the go-to resource.

Gordon Burns at Manchester Vacs

Expertise Without Strings Attached

What sets Manchester Vacs apart is their commitment to sharing expertise without financial obligations. Journalists, producers, and media professionals are welcome to leverage their vacuum know-how at no cost. All Manchester Vacs asks for is a mention and quote of their brand, fostering collaborative relationships within the media community.

Vacuum expert - Manchester Media City

Media Collaborations

Exploring extensive media highlights, including videos, newspaper features, and captivating photos, reveals experiences with BBC and ITV, alongside being quoted in the Times. These collaborations reinforce Manchester Vacs’ position as reliable experts in the field.

Holly Hamilton at Manchester Vacs

How They Can Assist You

For those working on feature articles, TV segments, radio shows, or any media project involving vacuum cleaners, Manchester Vacs is here to assist. The team is available for interviews, quotes, and in-depth discussions on a wide range of vacuum-related subjects.

Connect with Manchester Vacs

Ready to enhance your media content? Click the little button below to go to the Manchester Vacs media page – the source for authoritative perspectives, a team with media experience, and unparalleled knowledge in all matters related to vacuum cleaners.

Manchester Vacs Media Page

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