Manchester Vacs on the Radio!

Its always interesting to watch a small business expand; especially when they do what they do well.

Manchester Vacs started as a small Dyson specialist shop a few years ago. Dyson Medic was there the first day they opened with about ten machines in the shop. With vacuum cleaner expertise dating back from when Hoover Juniors were cool, the people at Manchester Vacs took Dyson specialisation to a new level in Manchester. And later to the world.

We here on the Dyson Medic blog and at our sister site (the oldest Dyson DIY site on the internet) have been happy to support them from the start.

They also stock our rather spiffing DC07 workshop manual and have been responsible for many thousands of copies being sent out all over the world.

However, since the early days they have gone from strength to strength.

They have managed to forge relationships with the biggest vacuum cleaner spares suppliers in the UK and beyond, and even Dyson themselves – all the while retaining complete independence and objectivity.

Despite still being in their original premises, which do look small from the outside……

Manchester Dyson Shop

……. the building is deceptively tardis-like inside. The internal rooms spread not only into next door, but also over three floors into the rafters. Every inch packed chock full of Dyson spare parts.

Last month, we at Dyson Medic named them Recommended Dyson Spare Parts Retailer after the launch of their all new world-facing Dyson Spare Parts Shop. The all new shop took several months for their website techs to complete.

We have been impressed at their constant innovation in the Dyson spares business.

A few days ago, I was travelling down the M62 from Leeds, and I was surfing radio channels in the carĀ (as you do).

I found myself on Revolution 96.2 – Steve Penk’s station.

And what did I hear? This…….

>>Click here to listen<<

Yes, they are now on the radio!

I nearly had to pull over laughing at the “Let’s talk about suction” and “Suction satisfaction guaranteed” strap lines!

So I thought I would share it – for fun -with the Dyson Medic readers that are not in the North West of England.

Unfortunately, when someone develops a successful business model, there are always a couple of quick-buck merchants seeking to emulate it.

Most of us know that the Dyson ‘service in your home’ people are mostly scammers. Indeed, there is a news item here, and they have been on the BBC Watchdog programme too.

Due to the success of Manchester Vacs, a few copycat sites have sprung up. Some do the ‘repair in your home’ thing – some don’t.

Some have registered internet domain names that carry the words “Dyson” and “Manchester” and sometimes also “Vacs” in the hope to dupe the public they are maybe dealing with Manchester Vacs.

Some have even stolen pages and content from the Manchester Vacs site, and two – one in Stalybridge (Tameside) and one in Sheffield – had to be threatened with legal action to close their sites down to remove stolen content, copyright violations and illegal passing off.

If the site isn’t, or – it isn’t Manchester Vacs. It is a likely imposter site.

Manchester Vacs also have an online shopping tutorial that shows you what should happen when shopping online, and explains the importance of secure connections when inputting your credit/debit card data.

If you are shopping online with a reputable company, at the point you input your card data, the browser bar will show https – the “s” means secure, and it will usually turn green like this.


Refuse to do business with any website that doesn’t offer secure transactions, an https connection, and/or a green browser bar when you are inputting your card data.

Fortunately, shopping online with Manchester Vacs is as safe as shopping with Amazon or eBay.

We still recommend them – and now you can hear about them on the radio!

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    We also have our radio ad as a video that you can watch below.

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