How To Strip Down a Dyson DC08

So, you want to strip down your Dyson DC08?

There are many reasons why you may want to do this: to replace the motor, to access the power switch or to access the cable reel are the main ones. To do any of those jobs, you need to open up your Dyson DC08. So here’s how:

Take out the filters and the hose. I am sure you know how to do that already without me telling you (and if you don’t, don’t try this at home – what follows will be beyond your skill level).

Please, always make sure that you never work on a Dyson while it is plugged in. If you aren’t qualified and competent to work with electrical appliances then don’t even think about opening it. Take it to a vacuum cleaner repair shop.

So first, take off the wheels. They pull off with your fingers:

DC08 strip down

Next, undo this screw:

Dyson DC08 reconditioning

Now undo this screw:

Dyson DC08 motor swap

There are two screws here:

Dyson DC08 cable rewind swap

And two more here:

Dyson DC08 Workshop Manual

The casing now comes apart like so:

Dyson DC08 switch swap

You now have access to your switch (indicated below) and your cable reel and motor casing:

Dyson DC08 motor replacement

Here is an Angus Black top tip: When you come to reassemble your Dyson DC08 after having done the work you opened it to do, you may encounter a little difficulty putting it back together again. You will find that the case wont snap home properly.

This is because the motor housing slips down a little as you open the case and it must be realigned in order that the case is able to close again. To do this, insert a screwdriver through the hole indicated in the photograph below in order to manipulate the housing a little to allow the casing to snap shut to be screwed up again.

Dyson DC08 repair

As ever, questions and comments welcome using the comment box below. Dyson Medic

If you need a motor for your DC08, be aware there are two types. One type is readily available, and one type isnt available any more (the UDS1554CNA Matsushita). But fear not! You can convert the obsolete type to the other YDK type with a simple conversion kit. Get a new motor from here: Buy Dyson DC08 Motor (link will open in a new window). If you need the conversion kit, you can find that here: Dyson UDS1554CNA Matsushita Motor.

12 Responses to “How To Strip Down a Dyson DC08”

  1. kathleen appleby on August 2nd, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    First off, I’m American and my husband is English. He’s an ambassador for Dyson in USA- at least 6 friends and relatives have purchased Dysons based on his rave reviews.
    We have an 08 and I clumsily dropped it down the stairs and broke the handle on the canister. After using tape to hold it together, I went online and found a replacement at buyspares- cannot find instructions on removing old one and installing new one. Can you help??

  2. Do you mean this handle Kathleen?

    If so, I think they are just a couple of T15 Torx screws?

  3. Many Thanks !
    You save my day (and our Dyson 08) with your instructions !

    and quite a nice amount of money by ordering through your companion website Machestervac 🙂


  4. Thanks for “deconstructing” Dyson info. can you tell which motor is installed without taking of plastic cover? i.e. by serial numbers

  5. You cant Roger. You need to open it and take a look.

  6. My DC08 has just stopped working, it’s not the fuse, i know it is a hypothetical question but is there a number of set reasons why.

  7. Not without stripping it down and meter testing the motor and cable rewind.

  8. I stripped down my DC08, ordered a motor, replaced the old one and it still won´t work. How do I now if the switch is working properly? I have tested the volts coming out of the switch in the ON position and it is lower than the 220V marked on the motor housing. I have very little electronics Know How. I know the cable is fine up to the switch as I have tested the current all the way from the plug to the On switch. But the current that reaches the motor meters at 120V instead of 220V. Can you help?

  9. “I have very little electronics Know How” you said – take it to a repair shop. The dropped voltage is because of a faulty cable rewind.

  10. How do you disassemble the heda, and the universal joint where the tube plugs in?
    The rectangular flexible hose that runs through the universal joint has split and needs replacing, but I can’t get at it easily.

  11. See here:,1821.msg9844.html#msg9844

  12. very helpful article. I stripped it down, confirmed the motor was the problem, got a new one from the link (only a couple of days and got free postage), fitted it and was up and running again in a few minutes. thank you!

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