How to Replace the Motor on a Dyson DC15.

This is a repost of an excellent tutorial on the Unofficial Dyson Forums regarding changing the motor on a Dyson DC15.

I considered it so comprehensive that I requested – and received – permission to repost it for the benefit of Dyson Medic readers.

The model featured is an “All Floors” DC15.  But the motor swap procedure is exactly the same on an “Allergy” DC15 and an “Animal” DC15.

The machine featured is a UK model, but European and Australian models of DC15 are the same, and American ones only differ in that they have a different motor unit in there. The actual job is the same to do.

Now as this is quite a technical job requiring practical and electrical knowledge, I am going to insert this clause before going any further:

We expect that by seeking advice here, you are competent enough to be able to make any electrical installations safely and in a safe and legal manner in your jurisdiction. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, do consult an electrician. You accept/implement any advice you read at this site at your own risk.

You need a T15 screwdriver to strip this down. You can buy one here: Dyson T15T Star Screwdriver

Start by taking the top filter cover off by releasing the three clips. The back hose has to be off to release the back one.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 1


Then remove the side hose and valve cover.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 2


Now we are going to take off the head.

There are two clips that interlock and pull out sideways.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 3


Don’t start tugging it yet…….

Remove these three screws.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 4


I unplug the two wires shown from the PCB at this point.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 5


These wires are inclined to break affecting power to the brushroll motor, and it also allows you to check the PCB for heat damage (which this one has).

Now undo these two screws.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 6


So you can remove these two parts.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 7


There are now two screws here and spade connectors behind the cover.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 8


The head can now be manipulated off and great care must be taken to observe where the wires are routed and how they come out.

That can be fiddly.

You should now have this.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 9


Now the yolk assembly can be manipulated off.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 10


Now you can unscrew the four screws holding the ball together.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 11


The ball comes off like so.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 12


This gives you access to the inner motor casing, which is undone with five further screws.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 13


Which now gives you access to the motor.

Dyson DC15 motor swap 14


The motor (in this UK model) is an SDS1104GZD. If you need to replace the motor, you can get one here: Dyson DC15 Motor.

Remember to change both filters at the same time you replace a motor.

Please note: This is not an amateur job, and should not be attempted by those without sufficient electrical qualifications and the technical capabilities to do this job safely and legally.


Dyson DC15 Spare Parts




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