How to Get Trade Deals on Dyson Spare Parts

Looking for trade deals on spares and parts for Dyson vacuum cleaners and Airblade hand dryers?

Smaller traders, market sellers, car boot, Facebook and Gumtree sales people often have difficulty buying spares at the right price to fix up their machines.

If you approach a traditional trade supplier, they will want trade references, a VAT registration number, and impose a minimum spend per order of sometimes as much as £500.

Its hard to cut a deal with the big suppliers who want you to buy a minimum of five hundred of something to get a deal, when you only want fifty. Or maybe twenty. Or maybe ten.

Dyson DC07 bin flap catches

Additionally, there is no one supplier that carries stock of everything you may need. Big sellers use five or six suppliers. It is usually only retailers and high volume internet sellers that carry high and diverse stock from various sources. But you don’t want to pay retail prices do you?

Smaller traders and hobby repairers usually turn to eBay in this case. However, eBay charges sellers 10% of the gross price including on postage charges. Added to that is a 3.4% Paypal fee.

So if you buy something from eBay for £10, it costs the seller 13.4% straight away which is £1.34. Lets say it costs them around £3 to post it. And they want to make two or three pound profit. This means the £10 Dyson spare part has to cost them  less than £2.66 to be able to afford to sell it at £10.

What does that mean for you? It means you get sub-standard Dyson parts sometimes. At best, you often get cheap Chinese copies of questionable quality.

Where do all the parts that were made wrong go?  Where do the parts go that failed quality control? Where do people sell cheap Chinese copies in bulk? Yes, eBay and Amazon. Where only price matters.

So if you are a smaller trader repairing Dysons, you do not simply want to source the cheapest products you can find. You need to source from Dyson experts, that only sell what they use themselves on the reconditioned Dysons they build. At least, if you want to get a good reputation you do.

You want a supplier that sources from a multitude of suppliers(including Dyson) and only supply what they think is both good quality and value for money. Perhaps you want a supplier who manufactures some stuff themselves so you are guaranteed it is coming from source at the right price.

Consider Manchester Vacs. They were named by Dyson Medic, the oldest Dyson DIY repair site on the internet, as “Best Dyson Parts Supplier“.

You can buy parts that nobody else supplies like DC15 wand top collars, and you can buy them in a trade deal of ten without trade references, VAT numbers, or any silliness.

Dyson DC15 wand collars

That same part is on eBay for £7.99 each. By buying just ten you are saving £3.50 each! On ten that is a £35 saving. And that is just on one part!

The range of Dyson spare parts now supplied by Manchester Vacs far exceed what Dyson themselves make available to the public, and they also offer many spare parts that Dyson refuse to make available even to the trade. For example, you can buy the DC25 brushroll motors from Manchester Vacs that most other UK Dyson spare parts suppliers are not able to source. You can find them on eBay, but you will pay more.

So where to start? Read their guidance on getting deals here: Dyson Spare Parts Trade Deals

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