How to Fit and Where to Buy a Dyson DC25 Yoke Loom

If there is no power coming to the cleaner head on your Dyson DC25, the yoke loom is the likely culprit.

You will test the two terminals coming from the machine towards the cleaner head, if there is no power there, the culprit can sometimes be the reset switch, but more often than not, it’s a broken yoke loom.

The break isn’t always visible as you see below. Sometimes the break is internal, so you would test the wire for continuity while flexing it with your test meter.

You’ll need a Torx T15 screwdriver to do this job.

Here is where they break.

Dyson DC25 no power to cleaner head

Having established that the loom is at fault, many people would seek to just repair it by patching a piece of wire in or repairing the break.

You can try to repair them, but they tend to fail again shortly afterward because the repaired ones won’t flex correctly and the flexing in use will break the repair. Better to replace this little loom and do the job properly.

Dyson used to supply this with the carrier (part number 916190-01).


However, they discontinued it some time ago. They don’t like you fixing things.

As is usual in such cases, the aftermarket comes to the rescue and makes the part available again. That has now happened, and Manchester Vacs have manufactured these looms. Here’s what they look like.

Dyson DC25 yoke loom

To keep the price down, and reduce plastic waste, they have been manufactured without the original plastic carrier. You can easily reuse that if you know how.

How to Fit and Where to Buy a Dyson DC25 Yoke Loom

The wire only clips into a channel, and while the terminals can be a little fiddly to insert into the plastic holder, it’s not terribly hard if someone shows you how.

So let’s show you how. Here is MV’s fitting instruction video:

There’s no need to pay upwards of £15 anymore either as you did with the original Dyson part 916190-01. This loom will cost you about £7-£8 including delivery in the UK, and here are your buying links:

  • On the MV site >>here<<. Select economy delivery as default is more expensive next day.
  • On eBay >>here<<
  • On Amazon >>here<<

If you’re in the Dyson repair trade, you can buy them from the MV trade page >>here<< in 10s.

If you spend more than £30 on items from that page, delivery is free.

There are all sorts for the repair trade there: power cords, adaptors, DC40 and DC41 cyclone clips, V10/11 triggers, chargers, Torx screwdrivers, multimeters, and even more random stuff like Russian barbecue skewers, speed camera signs, and old police truncheons.

It’s not hard to spend thirty quid to be able to select free delivery. And you get a VAT receipt.

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