How to Change the Motor on a Dyson DC28c, DC33c, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC52, DC53 or DC54.

So you have one of the “ball” type cylinder Dysons and want to change the motor?

The DC28c, DC33c, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC52, DC53 and DC54 are broadly the same machines for our purposes.

The DC54 is a “Cinetic”, so it has no pre-motor filter, but everything else is pretty similar.

To do the job, you are going to need some Torx screwdrivers, which you can get >>here<<

A new motor, which should be either a YV-16K24FB or a YV-16K24FA (if another is fitted, ask me in the comment section below quoting the first three digits of your serial number), which you can get >>here<<.

You will also need a post-motor filter which you can get >>here<<.

So to do the job, this is what you do:

Remove the ball shells each side with the Torx screws.

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (2)

You then have this.

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (3)

Remove the carriage and the inlet duct assembly with a few screws, you then have this.

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (4)

Now start on the screws………..




Then open the casing and you have this.

DC54 Cinetic strip down (22)

The motor bucket will now come out of the post motor filter like so.

DC54 Cinetic strip down (23)

And the top is released with three clips. Observe the three rubber blocks, they just pop out and line up with slots in the motor bucket on reassembly.

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (18)

And out comes the motor.

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (19)

Now we need to remove the post motor filter, and it is attached to the cable rewind so it all has to come out. More screws…….

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (7)

And this clip must be released on each side for the cable rewind and post motor filter to come out.

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (8)

You must lever the housing around the clip rather than hoping to push the clip in. There is a knack to this.

Now you can remove the filter and cable rewind like so.

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (9)

Twist the filter off the cable rewind to change it.

DC54 Cinetic Strip Down (11)

If your machine is not a Cinetic, it will be fitted with a pre-filter in the top of the cyclone, if you need to replace it it is >>this one<< and if not, wash it in the washing machine, dry it on the radiator and be sure NOT to put it back in wet.

And Bob, as they say, is your Uncle. icon_nod

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19 Responses to “How to Change the Motor on a Dyson DC28c, DC33c, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC52, DC53 or DC54.”

  1. May I ask what was wrong with the kinetic canister. And what do you think of the kinetic cylinder so far.

  2. I’m not a fan personally, especially at the money they are. Machines have filters for a reason and in my opinion need them. The fact that dust had killed this one kinda proves the point.

  3. It looks of use it for building work which it says on the machine not too I p know quite a few people that have this model and they haven’t had this problem at all.

  4. I like the kinetic cylinder but i definitely prefer the kinetic bigball because it it doesn’t have all the problems that the last generation of dc40 and dc41 had which a lot of us know had quite a few problems but the ones they sell at the moment the updated ones seem to be much more reliable and a lot of the problems have been fixed.

  5. How do I get to change the power cable on a dc39 please?

  6. Thanks for the helpful instructions. One question: how do you release the clips on the hinged carry-handle so that you can get at the two screws to release the post-motor filter? I’m very wary of forcing things too much.

  7. Have a look here for more details, Paul:

  8. How do you get the knack to move clips. I cannot manipulate filter/ cord assembly to clear those white clips

  9. Hi How’s things
    MY vacuum keeps shutting itself off
    I’m cleaning filter were not that dirty.Could it be motor? Thanks

  10. Hi how’s things.My dyson dc39 keeps shutting itself off .filters were not dirty.Could it be motor your thoughts please thanks Gwen.

  11. Thank you for the detailed instructions, they were very helpful. One item which I am unclear on is how to disconnect/reconnect the power cables to the motor? It appears to be a spade plug (at the motor). Mine (DC37 YV-16K23FA) does not want to pull apart and I do not want to force it. Do replacement motors come with replacement wiring to the on/off switch or is only the motor replaced. Thank you kindly in advance for any information you could provide.

  12. Thank you for the time you’ve put into producing this page. Everything went like clockwork until the clipsI have the same problem as John. How to you get the ‘knack’ to move the clips? I cannot manipulate the filter/cord assembly to clear the white clips. It feels like it would break if a forced it any further. Did you use any tools to separate them? Do I need to remove the wire rubber housing first? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Steve.

  13. Thx for sharing – great “presention”
    Very helpful to replace the on/off switch

    BR, bim

  14. Great post! But I cannot figure out the “knack” to get past the clips holding the top on? Do you know of a video showing this?
    Super frustrating! 🙂 The rest comes apart so easily.

    Thanks Smitty in Canada.

  15. Thanks for the post!
    I got a Dyson DC46 bought in Europe (Serial AJ5-EU-DNAxxxx) with motor failure, which replacements I should buy?

    Many thanks, AA

  16. Probably the DC38 motor, but you need to open it and check.

  17. I have a DC37 that was turning off and on before a burning smell was present. When I get to the part where you are taking off the screws for the post motor filter, it shows you removing the screws near the power switch however I can’t get at these screws on mine. When I hit the release it only raises a half inch or so, there is no way to get a bit on them. Can I force it to open more? I’m not understanding why I have no access and your image there is so much room.

  18. My dc28c has a Panasonic motor in sds903atda which the bearings have gone what motor can replace this.

    Thanks in advance

  19. Get in touch with Manchester Vacs with that motor number. They’ll have it.

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