Handheld, Cordless, Stick Blue Cyclone (Filter) Release Clips Now Available.

We always find it rather tedious when a component on a Dyson that tends to break is only available as part of a larger, much more expensive assembly.

If you are the owner of a DC30, DC31, DC34, DC35, DC44, DC45, DC56 or DC57 you will be familiar with the blue spring-loaded catch that you depress to remove the cyclone to access the filter.

It usually says Filter Filtre Filtro フィルタ- on it.

Sometimes they break, and replacements have been unavailable until now.


This clip is not to be confused with the DC16 clip that looks very similar. You can buy that one (part number 910750-02).

But if you have a DC30, DC31, DC34, DC35, DC44, DC45, DC56 or DC57, you need this one.



You didn’t used to be able to get it, but now you can.

Here is where you can buy:

In the UK, you can buy from Manchester Vacs >>here<<.

From UK eBay >>here<<.

From UK Amazon >>here<<.

From overseas in US Dollars >>here<<.


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