Dyson White Nylon Clutch Wheels Available at Last.

Dyson, in the last week or two have just began drastically increasing their spare part prices.

Some spares have doubled in price, some more than doubled.

Is this Dyson trying to squeeze the after-market for more money or something more mundane like the poor dollar to pound exchange rate putting prices in sterling up? We dont know.

What we do know is that Dyson clutches as fitted to DC03, DC04, DC07, DC14, DC27 and DC33 have doubled in price.

This may not have made its way through to the retail channels yet as many will be holding stock bought at old prices, but trust us, genuine Dyson spare parts are set to increase in price across the board.

This makes the prospect of stripping and rebuilding Dyson clutches more appealing to the DIY enthusiast.

There isn’t typically that much that goes wrong with Dyson clutches. The belts stretch and snap over time and/or the white nylon clutch wheel melts like this.

bad clutch

If you are thinking of rebuilding a clutch, clutch belts are no issue to find, but the white wheel (cog) that melts has always been unavailable (unless you had some old units to cannibalise).

Until now that is.


Yes, the after-market has ridden over the hill to the rescue again! icon_nod

Just to put these parts in context, here is where they go.

Replacement Dyson clutch wheel

You can find Dyson clutch strip down and rebuild topics >>here<< and >>here<<. It isn’t really an amateur job, but for the experienced technician it isn’t terribly painful either. Especially once you have done a few.

You can buy the wheel (and little circlip) on its own >>here<<.

For those of you who prefer to buy on Fleabay, you can buy the wheel together with the belts on the UK site >>here<<, the US site >>here<< and the Australian site >>here<<.


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