Why Are The Bigger Independent Dyson Shops Now Moving Over to Sebo?

We have noticed a trend.

Many of the larger Dyson specialists up and down the country are adding Sebo to their stable of products.

Sebo is the best brand of German vacuum cleaner you have perhaps never heard of. You find them in hospitals, offices, cleaning companies, cruise ships, etc.

Sebo vacuums are hand made in Germany, and they work!

While not bagless like a Dyson, Sebo vacuums are pretty much maintenance free, so they are ideal for the busy household. Actually, they are easier to maintain than the majority of bagless machines on the market.

So what is driving some of the larger Dyson specialists to begin selling Sebo machines?

Many people in the trade think that Dyson vacuums after the DC33 went downhill somewhat.

Certainly, the DC41 has known issues with the central wheel on the cleaner head and the cyclone release clip.

The DC40 machines have a known issue with a wiring loom breaking causing loss of power to the cleaner head.

The DC50 machines have a tendency to block up in such a way Dyson doesn’t tell you about.

Many of the cordless machines suffer blockages, charger issues and a short battery life.

Later Dyson machines are not economically viable for many in the trade to refurbish; some regard it as built in obsolescence. We discussed this before here: Comment: The Bleak Future of Refurbished & Reconditioned Dysons

Many in the trade are wary of stocking new Dysons, as although Dyson sucks up the warranty work, the customers who have problems will number enough that the retailer is cautious of getting a bad name for selling what some are starting to regard as a poor product.

Independent retailers live and die by selling their customers a good product, and those customers go away and tell others of their good fortune.

If independent retailers knowingly sell products that have many warranty issues and inherent design faults, well what does that do to their reputation?

So what has started to happen up and down the country is the independent Dyson shops are looking to diversify into other machines they can sell with confidence as a good product.

The list of really good vacuum cleaners that are not Dyson, that don’t cost the earth, and aren’t mass produced as cheaply as possible in China is rather short. In fact, I can think of only one: Sebo.

So are these shops diversifying into Sebo? See for yourself.

Here is a recent photo from BB Dyson in Lincolnshire:


Here are recent photos from Manchester Vacs in Stockport:



Are you seeing a pattern here?

Sebo has traditionally been better known in the commercial market.

In recent years they have also developed an almost cult following among the middle class. One reason probably John Lewis sells them.

Here is a comment from a reader here called Lesley on this topic.

Found your commentary interesting and gave a good insight as to why Dyson vacs are no longer worth the extra outlay. When I first got my DC04 it felt like money well spent even though it cost considerably more than most on the market due to its superior performance . Whereas buying the DC08 felt like I had wasted money , particularly when I replaced it with a cheap Vax model that performed just as well and far quicker and less fiddly to empty , unblock> etc and at £50 just 50% more than a replacement filter for the DC08.

The vacumn I was using before the DC04 was my Grandmother’s Hoover ( Electrolux??) which was more than forty years old and still going strong but lacked the add on attachments and of cousrse had messy paper bags – which just shows they don’t build them to last like they used to.

As to why anyone would want to spend around £400 for Dyson’s newest Vacs – my Grandma would have said ‘too much money and too little common sense’!

Comments like Lesley’s above are quite typical of some of the comments we hear from people too.

£400 is a lot of money to spend on a vacuum cleaner. If it isnt going to be built like a tank, why would you?

An entry level Sebo upright vacuum is just £225. £175 less. Hand made in Germany and similar 5 year guarantee as Dyson. Oh, and built like a tank.

Dyson control a huge slice of the UK market, so its perhaps premature to predict their downfall; and I wouldn’t seek to do so. But if you have become disillusioned by Dyson for whatever reason in recent years, then take a look at what many of the independent, once Dyson only shops are doing.

Consider Sebo. thumbs


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  1. Good post here. SEBO are in a unique position because of their commercial origins in floorcare. Our family discovered SEBO through a family member who was emigrating to Canada. That was more than twenty years ago. Whilst SEBO are easy to repair due to their “semi-commercial” meaning of the name, there are other brands that independents could easily stock in such as that of the only British brand who still produce in the UK, Numatic. Even Numatic in other countries have SEBO uprights under their name; a testament to SEBO quality and recognition.

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