Dyson Red Button Tools: Two Sizes That Look the Same. CY22, CY23, Light Ball & Big Ball Adaptors Explained.

We have written here before to try and demystify the confusion with Dyson tool socket fittings and adaptors.

Here is one previous article: Dyson V8 tool adaptors: Use your old tools with your Dyson V7 and V8 (if you have a V8 or V7 – read that instead).

Here is another: Which Dyson ‘Universal’ Adaptor Do I Need?

Dyson have a habit of changing tool sockets quite frequently. Ostensibly to deny owners of tools belonging to other Dyson vacuums the ability to use them across several models or use old tools with newer machines.

We assume this is to make you dash out and buy a glut of new tools.

However, the more savvy person actually goes in search of a tool adaptor. Dyson make the odd adaptor, and the after-market usually makes the ones they don’t.

Dyson’s latest tool socket comes with a red button on the tools, known as a “quick release” type. (Personally, I never found the older ones slow to release, but I digress…..) 

This red button tool design is used on the cordless V8 (and V7) ranges, and also on the CY22 and CY23 Big Ball cylinder machines and some of the later Ball machines known as “Light” ball, “Big” ball, etc., and at first glance the fittings all seem the same.

However, with Dyson’s historical tendency to make tool sockets differ to inconvenience you as much as possible, what they have done this time is made the identical fitting in two different sizes.

Dyson Red Button Tool Adaptors

Now isn’t that jolly?

The smaller one is for the V8 and V7 cordless machines. The larger one is for the CY22, CY23, Light Ball, Big Ball and Cinetic range.

Here they are from another angle:

Dyson Red Button Tool Adaptors

On the left is a CY22/CY23/Light Ball/Big Ball Cinetic adaptor, and on the right is a V8 and V7 adaptor.

Confusing stuff if you are shopping for adaptors, yes? Be SURE to read the sales listings in detail. And remember, nobody makes adaptors to allow electrically driven floor heads to interchange between types, so don’t bother looking for those.

So what about the CY22/CY23/Light Ball/Big Ball Cinetic or other non-V7/V8 red button tool using Dyson owner who wants to use all his or her old Dyson tools with their new Dyson? What if you have the old DC01-DC14 32mm tools, or want to suck air from vacuum bags, etc.? Dyson will tell you that you cannot do that as the correct adaptors don’t exist.

Well they do. If you have a CY22/CY23/Light Ball/Big Ball Cinetic and want the best cross model compatibility you want this set:

Dyson CY22, CY23, Light Ball, Big Ball tool adaptors

If you want adaptability for your Dyson CY22/CY23/Light Ball/Big Ball Cinetic (not V7/V8) red button tool versions with old DC01-DC14 32mm tools, or want to suck air from vacuum bags, etc., you want the set above.

You can find that set on Amazon >>here<<, eBay >>here<< and on Manchester Vacs >>here<<.

Confused? If so, use the comment box below to ask questions.

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28 Responses to “Dyson Red Button Tools: Two Sizes That Look the Same. CY22, CY23, Light Ball & Big Ball Adaptors Explained.”

  1. Hi, I have a v6 slim origin and have bought the small ball allergy upright. All the v6 tools fit directly onto the hose of the small ball except for the v6 motorised cleaner head. I find it strange but I think I read in one of your answers that there isn’t an adaptor for that? I find it confusing because all the tools work for both cleaners.

  2. Correct – there are no adaptors for electrically-driven floor heads or articulating floor heads between any of the Dyson variants.

  3. I have a dc39 large ball cenetic animal cannister unit.I need connector or adapter to connect the flex hose to the trigger handle size approx. 33 -34-35 mm cannot foind this part??? can l get help to order one .

  4. Hi
    I have a Dyson small ball Hoover
    The red button that locks the attachment to the hose has fractured.
    Is this button available or is it new hose time?

  5. The buttons are not available alone new.

  6. Hi, I’d like to use the dyson tangle free turbine head tool which is for the CY22 / CY23 etc with a V8 cordless. Is there an adaptor to make this possible?

  7. Richard, the V8 isnt really powerful enough to run that tool meaningfully. But in any event, there is no easy way to do that without joining three adaptors together.

  8. Hi i have a new small ball dyson and want to use the tangle tool from my old dc25 What adapter do in need please many thanks

  9. You want these: https://shop.manchestervacs.co.uk/dyson-cylinder-vacuum-cleaner-spares/dc37-dc38-dc39-spare-parts/dyson-light-ball-big-ball-cinetic-tool-adaptor-set

  10. Hi!
    I have a Big Ball absolute 2 which uses the big quick release mechanism. I also have some tools from my old V8 which has the smaller qick release mechanism. Is there any chance to connect the V8 tools to the Big Ball? Is there an adapter available?

  11. Nobody has made that one yet, but one can be made if you are practical and don’t mind spending a little. The Big Ball adaptor from this set could be cut and glued to the V8 one from this set. Or ask them to make it for you as a bespoke, similar to what they do here.

  12. Hi,
    I would like to find out if there’s any connector/adaptor/converter to use Cinetic Big ball Animal Barrel vacuum cleaner (CY22 or CY23??) accesories like the Tangle Free Turbine Tool,Swivel Hard Floor Tool on V10 absolute handheld. Also connector for Extension wand/tube from DC29. Thank you.

  13. Not easily, Sandy.

  14. Hi,
    Can you please elaborate which (3?) adaptors I would need to use CY22 tools on a V10?
    (I already have the red-gray adaptor from the CY22 package.)

  15. You need the top one on >>this Instagram link<<

    I believe they are £15 inc delivery from MV, email them >>here<<

  16. Thanks Angus, but that Euro socket is not something that the CY22 nor the V10 have.
    I’m not sure what I’d do with it.
    Am I missing something?

  17. Yes, you would use your existing adaptor with that.

    Quote: “I already have the red-gray adaptor from the CY22 package”

    Its 8″ long as a setup, but the only way to do it.

  18. Thanks. Still unclear though.

    Let’s define “buttoned” ends as “male”, and “buttonless” ends as “female”.

    The problem:

    — V10 vacuum (female)
    female to male <– INCOMPATIBLE
    — CY22 tools (male)

    Your solution (I think):

    — V10 vacuum (female)
    female to female <– PROBLEM
    — your V10 to "Euro" adaptor (female to female)
    female to male <– OK
    — my "Euro" to CY22 adaptor (male to male)
    male to male <– PROBLEM
    — CY22 tools (male)

    What am I missing?

  19. Thank you SO MUCH. I have been trying to find a replacement head for my Big Ball Multifloor 2 to replace the horrific pneumatic head that scratched up our dark hardwood floors. But I could only find the CY22 or CY23 heads to ship where we live. And it’s a pain to send back products across countries. I had a feeling it would fit but some of pieces look similar but are different diameters and I couldn’t buy with confidence. After hours of searching I finally came across a link within an article to your site and your answer was on the sidebar. They have made it so hard to figure out for a product that is supposed to be based on ease of use. Again, thanks so much. You’re bookmarked for the future!

  20. I have bought a new Dyson small ball allergy, what adaptor do I need to use tools from my old dc55 please?

  21. Hi, I have a dyson ball animal 2 and would like to use attachments from my v8 series, what would be the correct attachement to make this possible. 🙂

  22. This: https://shop.manchestervacs.co.uk/dyson-upright-vacuum-cleaner-spares/up22-up24-spare-parts/dyson-light-ball-big-ball-cinetic-tool-adaptor-set

  23. Nobody has made that properly yet.

  24. I have the ball CY23 and have lost a couple of attachments. From reading it looks like I can buy a adapter that would allow me to use attachments from other Dyson vacuums on my DY23. Can you make it clear which adapter will help me use which attachments on the CY23?

  25. The article is crystal clear on this with links.

  26. Hi there. I have the v10 and I want to use the groom tool, help! Thank you

  27. See here: https://shop.manchestervacs.co.uk/dyson-cordless-handheld-spares/dyson-v8-vacuum-cleaner-tool-adaptor-for-v6-type-tools

  28. Does the two piece converter actually convert the red click button 32 mm tools to be used with the larger 35mm Dyson big ball system? It doesn’t seem to, as I have a similar looking adapter that only converts old Dyson attachments, but NOT the smaller sized red button attachments… pleas help

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