Dyson Pure Cool Link Fan Air Purifier Review

Dyson has now launched the “Pure Cool Link”.

Known also as the TP02 (if white).

It is worth noting for the reader that Dyson do not give us items to review, this, as with anything, we bought with our own money – so what you read here is utterly objective and uninfluenced by any third party.

This looks like a standard Dyson tower fan at first glance, but it is also an air purifier. Hence the “pure” in the name.

So if “pure” refers to the fact it cleans the air, and cool relates to the fact it is a cooling fan, you will wonder what the “link” aspect of the name is.

This relates to the fact that you are able to link the item through your home wifi to an app on your phone.

From the Dyson Link app, you can remotely control your environment, as it automatically monitors, reacts and purifies – then reports the results straight to the Dyson Link app on your smartphone or tablet.


And by jove, it works!

Girl with Dyson fan

It looks as if Dyson fans have improved a little since we reviewed the AM04 heater some time back. We thought that asthmatic and ineffective, this seems a lot smarter and seems to do what it says on the box.

Connected items are where Dyson are heading. On the Dyson Link app, options exist to add your Dyson Robotic 360 Eye vacuum cleaner. The one that isnt yet launched in the UK. So that means if you have the robot, you will be able to control it from the same app.

So we have had the Dyson Pure Cool Link running all afternoon at home today, and it wasn’t long before the screen glowed orange and told me the air quality was “fair”.


About forty minutes later left running on automatic, it went to green and told me it was good.

Configuring the app and finding your way around the controls isnt rocket science, but only those familiar with smartphones, apps, wifi and similar technology will wrap their head around it. My bet is a lot of older less tech savvy people will buy it and use it as a fan without the benefit of the information and reporting that the internet link and the app provide.

But even for those folks, using it as a regular fan with the remote control – one that happens to clean the air – won’t be a great hardship.


You don’t miss what you never had. I doubt the non-tech savvy buyers will care if they don’t use the app.

So other observations: It is quieter than the early Dyson fans, the oscillation is nice and smooth (my AM04 creaks and groans). The build quality is like any modern Dyson product, a bit plasticky and lightweight, but the product finish is good. It looks nice in the corner of the room.

foto_no_exif (1)

The eagle-eyed will spot a copy of James Dyson’s book on the shelf.

Up to now I am liking it and it can stay.

The only thing I can be sniffy about is the price. At the time of writing (because later they will come down) they are £449 on Dyson’s website, circa £425-£435 on eBay and Amazon and >>£399 delivered from Manchester Vacs<<.

Is it a lot of money for a fan that cleans the air with a HEPA filter? Well, yes it is. But nobody buys a new Dyson product because they are cheap. You buy them because you want one.


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