Dyson Launches Six New Hand Dryers: AB06, AB07, AB08, AB09, AB10 and AB11

Those in the trade have known for a while that Dyson were about to launch a combined hand dryer and tap.

We wrote about it here on Dyson Medic last year here: Dyson Submits Patents For Water Tap That Can Dry Your Hands.

However, what was kept under wraps slightly better was the face-lifted hand dryers and all new smaller hand dryers just launched.

Dyson is well known to have a confusing array of model numbers for its products, so I shall attempt to demystify the new models for you.

The new AB06: 

Dyson AB06


This is the replacement for the AB01. It is aluminium bodied so is designed for for high traffic areas or where vandalism is a concern. Looks identical to the old one to us.

The new AB07:

Dyson AB07AB072

This is the replacement for the AB03. Polycarbonate body as before. Said to be quieter than previous models. Dyson say “Air in the Dyson Airblade hand dryer travels at 430mph through apertures the width of a human eyelash, so sound is inevitable. However, Dyson acoustic engineers have now significantly reduced the unpleasant tones using six Dyson-designed Helmholtz silencers.”  They also appear to have redesigned the internal ducting somewhat. Externally, they look identical to the old ones to us.

The new AB08 V:

Dyson AB08Dyson AB08
These are all new. These are a small wall-mounted more traditional style of hand dryer. Available in either silver or white, they are designed for smaller spaces.

Here is what Dyson say:

Slim profile.

Because of bulky motors, other hand dryers may protrude far from the wall. They may have to be recessed into the wall, which can be costly. Because the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer uses the latest Dyson digital motor, it is just 4 inches deep. This means that it can be installed without recessing and the associated costs.

Dyson AB08

We predict these will be a big hit, as other wall-mounted hand dryers are simply dire. Where does the water go though? On the floor? We shall see.

AB09, AB10 and AB11: 

The Dyson AB09, AB10 and AB11 are the new combined tap and hand dryer.

There are three versions:

AB09 – Short

Suitable for minimalistic washrooms, sink mounted.

Dyson AB09AB10 – Long

Slightly taller, also sink mounted.

Dyson AB10AB11 – Wall

As the name suggests, this is the wall mounted version

Dyson AB11
So how do these work?

With Airblade technology in a tap, hands can be dried at the sink in 12 seconds it is claimed. There’s no need to move to a separate hand drying area.

Dyson say:

Moving to a separate hand drying area with wet hands means that water is often dripped on the floor. This can create problems in the washroom. With the Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer, you don’t need to leave the sink with wet hands.

We say: Why not put a conventional Airblade next to the sink? No need to trail water across the floor then.

However, as a neat all-in-one unit with the gubbins out of sight, these are nice items that I bet will find their way into many homes as well as the commercial environments they were designed for.

I am unable to find any prices yet, which isn’t unusual. Don’t expect any of this new stuff to be cheap! If you know the prices, do let us know.

You can see bigger photos and videos here: Dyson New Hand Dryer Information – AB06, AB07, AB08, AB09, AB10 & AB11.

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  1. Retail prices:

    AB06/7 are around £775 to £950 inc VAT.

    AB08 are around £500-£600 inc VAT.

    AB09/AB10/AB11 are £995 + VAT

    They will come down soon enough though.

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