Dyson launches the DC50 ball.

Dyson have launched the new DC50 ball. (What happened to the late forties machines we don’t know – maybe they are saving those model numbers for later).

Confusing isn’t it? 40 or so models of Dyson vacuum cleaners. Why re-invent the wheel so fast? Or is re-invent the ball………

Anyway, the new DC50 appears to be part of the DC40/DC41 family, in that it is a smaller version of the latest ball machines.

However, Dyson are keen to point out that this isn’t shrunken technology, this is re-engineered. really?  

So, this is what it looks like.

Dyson DC50

Yes, it looks like a DC40/41 doesn’t it?

In reality, it seems to be the replacement for the DC24.

That means its the baby of the bunch. Likely more suitable for single people in apartments and pensioners. Dyson tend to market these mini ball machines as family units, but in the case of the DC24 at least, they were not up to family/pet use and suffered design faults with the brushroll motors known to prematurely burn out. Let’s hope this one is better.

Here is what Dyson say……..

DC50 is our smallest upright vacuum cleaner. The technology inside has not simply been ‘shrunk’, but concentrated – every angle and dimension re-engineered. So it’s smaller, but has the performance of a full-size upright machine. DC50 has our most advanced cleaner head technology, 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones and the latest Ball™ technology.

The DC50 cleaner head has been engineered for increased dirt pick-up across all floors. Four key technologies combine to make it our most advanced cleaner head technology to date. The cleaner head adjusts automatically to all floor types, and the brush bar contains carbon fibre filaments for removing fine dust from hard floors.

19 cyclones working in parallel across two tiers generate high centrifugal forces. More microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns are captured from the airflow. And as with all Dyson vacuums, there’s no bag, so there’s no loss of suction.

With our latest Ball™ technology even more of the machine’s key components are housed inside the ball itself. This reduces clutter on the outside of the machine, streamlining its profile. DC50 turns on the spot, and is easy to steer close to edges and into awkward spaces.

We are anxious to try one.

If Mr Dyson would like to send us one, it would be gratefully received.  

As soon as we can lay our hands on one, we will give it a whirl and post up a proper review with photos and functionality explained in more detail.

Watch this space!

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  1. got a dc50 and i was let down by the product as the head / roller stopped working on the second time i used it, so i contacted the so called help and support team at dyson, what a joke , not only did they ask me to remove the head roller and pack it up and pay the postage to return it to the dyson engineer team in tedury ,I was also told i would have to wait 7 days for a replacement head , when day 8 came and still no roller head in the post, i contacted the help team to find out whats going on ,( i havent been able to hoover my house now for over a week and i got 2 collie dogs) there reply was ” dont no why u was told 5 to 7 days, as we have a delay on replacement heads .must have a lot of replacements on order, tells me dyson has left a lot of unhappy customers hanging. AWFUL

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