Dyson DC40 Red Cyclone Release Catches Available

This article is about the new availability of the red cyclone release clip for the Dyson DC40, DC42, UP22 and UP24.

It is Dyson’s way that when a small component that is part of a larger assembly tends to fail they often don’t make that replacement component available. Instead, they charge you for a complete assembly.

When all that is broken is a small plastic clip, in this case, Dyson directs you to buy a full cyclone assembly. This seems utterly unnecessary and certainly not very ecologically friendly. The world doesn’t need even more unnecessary plastic, right?

It’s always pleasing when somebody in the aftermarket is innovative and leads the way.

The Dyson DC40 has always had a similar issue to the DC41 and some other Dyson models in that the red release clip that locks the cyclone into place is prone to break.

It is particularly problematical from a spare parts point of view because DC40s are fitted with two potential clips (the design was revised mid-production), and it is not easy to explain to the customer which one they need. So these DC40 clips are something that the aftermarket has historically shied away from to avoid constant returns and claims they don’t fit, etc.

But now you can buy them.

DC40 cyclone release catch

A comment on the aftermarket

Many of the companies that inhabit the aftermarket, both Chinese and domestic, are quite parasitic in nature. They very seldom innovate themselves – they wait for somebody else to innovate and then copy their ideas instead.

This means the market ends up flooded with ostensibly identical items of ever-decreasing quality and the price becomes a race to the bottom. Some think that this choice is good for the customer because it delivers a cheaper product. What it actually does is stifle future innovation, research and development. The aftermarket often improves a product or solves a design problem by making something a different way. 

When the rest of the aftermarket copies each others’ spare parts instead of bringing their own ideas to market, the subsequent price depression means there is then very little profit left on the part and nobody makes any money. This reduces the inclination for companies to innovate, invest in new tooling and bring further products to market in the future.

That said, many OEM manufacturers make the same argument about the aftermarket responding to market needs and making a compatible item that fits their product. But they could solve that by making small spare parts available themselves instead of gleefully selling expensive larger assemblies when only one small part is known to fail. 

Instead of the monkey see, monkey do approach, more of the aftermarket should try to come up with some of their own ideas. That would increase the availability of spares to a wider range of people and keep more vacuums out of landfill. 

So finally, Manchester Vacs have solved the problem of unavailable DC40 red cyclone release catches and brought them to market. This solution fits ALL Dyson DC40 vacuums, Canadian DC42 models and also the later UP22 and UP24 models that use the same clip.

When you buy one, you are directed to a tutorial on their forums to assist you with fitting the correct part from what is supplied to your machine.

The replacement clip – with the instructions provided – takes anybody just moments to fit and no tools are required. The tutorial you are directed to is very comprehensive and even a non-practical person can fit the part and feel like a competent engineer.

Dyson DC40 cyclone release catch

So if the cyclone unit on your DC40, DC42, UP22 or UP24 no longer locks itself to the machine, or has broken meaning that you can’t empty the bin very easily, now you can buy the little red clip to fix it without buying a full cyclone unit or a handle assembly (923584-03) that often doesn’t fit.

Dyson cyclone release clips on Dyson vacuums all look very similar and it can often be the case that people who don’t read the listing in full simply assume that they’re all the same and end up buying the wrong one. Don’t be that person. Take off your cyclone unit and look at the little silver sticker on the chassis and make sure that your machine says either DC40, DC42, UP22 or UP24 on there. If you have another model, this clip will not fit your machine.

If you are in the UK you can buy it directly from Manchester Vacs here: Dyson DC40 cyclone release clip

If you prefer to use eBay you can find the parts here: Dyson DC40 UP22 UP24 Red Cyclone Release Clip. Canister Bin Catch

If you are not in the UK you will find it preferable to use the eBay listing linked above as that will give you full tracked delivery to most other countries. If you are in the trade and want a few, the eBay listing has quantity discounts.

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