Dyson DC25 Rattling Brushbar Fix

Is your Dyson DC25 noisy? Often times when this is the case, the noise is a rattling coming from the brushbar assembly (that’s the motorised roller brush that contacts the floor).

Many people will tell you that you must fit an entire cleanerhead assembly to fix the rattling noise on your DC25. Not always the case.

First we must establish if your brushbar motor is in working order. To do this, recline the machine into the “use” position. As it tips back, the motorised brush bar should start turning. If it doesn’t, press the reset button by the power switch a few times and see if it jumps into life.

Assuming the motor is running and the brush roll turning, you may have a dreadful rattling noise coming from the front of the unit. The problem here is the brush roll itself and/or the end cap that holds the brush roll in place. Here is the brushroll:

DC25 brushroll assembly 917391-01

And here is the end cap:

DC25 brushbar end cap 916183-01

It is better to replace them both together as if one is worn, the other one will be as well.

So, lets look at how much they cost and where to get them from.

Dyson will sell you the brushroll for a shade under twenty quid, but they wont sell you the end cap so that’s not much use.

e-spares will sell you the pair for £29.73 including UK shipping. However, they are usually not the cheapest and are often more expensive than Dyson themselves.

Manchester Vacs will sell you the pair for £27.74 including UK shipping. You will find them both on this page: Dyson DC25 Spare Parts

Far cheaper than replacing the entire cleanerhead assembly if you don’t need to. 

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  1. it could also be there part of on the motor that the brushbar fits on to, as this does ware away. can you replace this part on its own

  2. Only if you have old machines to cannibalise. Brush bar motors and the spigot you refer to are not available on their own.

  3. Hi, I have a DC24 that has a horrible noisy brushbar when vacuuming. I’ve had my machine for 2 and half years, is it likely that the brush is the problem? I really hope it’s not the brush spindle as mentioned by one of the posters.

  4. You need to strip it down and examine the drive cog really to determine that.

    The fix outlined in this article solves the problem most of the time.

    If the cog is worn, a replacement cleaner head is the best option then.

    Unless, of course, you can procure a used cog – but most Dyson repairers tend to hang on to good cogs from scrap cleaner heads as they are not available new as a part.

  5. Angus,

    I wont be going to strip my machine down its under warranty! I will contact Dyson regarding a new brushbar as I feel its the brush thats a problem. There is a vibration when the brush runs and say if I put head under the sofa the rattle goes. Thde brush is also opposite side of the brush motor too.

    Thanks for your advice.

  6. If the machine is under warranty, they will just mail you a new cleaner head – they wont even come out and look or argue.

    These are well known problems to Dyson.

  7. Proper DC25 cleanerhead motors are now available. See this topic on our forums: DC25 & DC41 Brushroll Cleaner Head Motors Coming! (Johnson DC771(2)XLLG).

  8. Thank you, working DSC25 now.

  9. Hello

    I’ve recently purchased an (apparently) refurbed DC25, it looks immaculate and spotlessly clean. The guy apparently works for Dyson and refurbs/sells units on his own as well, sounds like he knows what he’s doing anyway and he’s been a long time trader (3 years that I know of) at the car boot sale we got it from so I’d imagine he’s legit.

    Anyway we are having issues where the brush bar end cap keeps coming loose. When rotating the clip with a coin to hold it in place it doesn’t click into place like I would expect (this is my first Dyson so don’t know what it’s meant to feel like) and when using it, the clip vibrates loose and the end cap falls off. It doesn’t appear damaged or broken at all though. Have you come across this before?

    I won’t be visiting the place I bought it from for another two weeks and would like to use it in the meantime so can’t take it back just yet but I will mention it next time I see him.


  10. Could be the end cap, but check the brushroll end bearing as well to make sure it has not heated up and melted. Worst case scenario is the mounting is broken. But an end cap and/or brushroll will likely fix that from what you say.

    By the way, almost all of the fly-by-night eBay/car boot/market stall/Gumtree sellers all claim to work/worked for Dyson – most are lying.

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