Dyson DC25 & DC41 Brushroll Motors DC771(2)XLLG Now Cheaper!

Back in 2013, DC25 DC41 cleanerhead motors became available, we reported on it back then here: DC25 (DC41) Cleanerhead Brushbar Motors Now Available.

The problem is, they were very expensive. They always cost in the region of £40-£50, which was pretty eye-watering. But still cheaper than a new cleanerhead.

However, today we found out that Dyson DC25 Brushroll Motors DC771(2)XLLG have just become available OEM.

OEM means ‘original equipment manufacturer’, which is the company that makes them for Dyson, which in this case means Johnson.

What that means is they do not come in a Dyson box (not that Dyson ever supplied these anyway), but they are exactly the same as the ones Dyson use, being made by the same company.

Here is one.


These are now available for £29.99 including UK delivery.

It is quite common that these motors fail in DC25 and DC41 machines, and as a new cleanerhead is in the region of £70, assuming you have the smarts to be able to fit one, you can save yourself a cool £40 over the cost of a new cleanerhead.

These motors are 240vDC rated (although your PCB will kick out around 330vDC on test which is OK), which means they are good for all DC25 and DC41 machines in the UK, Europe and Australia. They are not suitable for USA and Canadian market machines.

So you want to know where to get one from? Click the little guy below to go to the page where they are £27.99 inc delivery. 

Click here to buy a Dyson DC14 crevice tool




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  1. Where csn i find one if these that will work for a usa model?

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