Where to get a Dyson DC15 Wand Cable Retainer

Its been a good week for DC15 parts becoming available. Yesterday we reported on the DC15 wand collar now being available, and today we can report the long-awaited wand swivel clip is now available.

This part doesn’t have an ‘official’ name as Dyson never made it available as a part on its own.

I have heard it referred to as a retainer, winder, swivel clip, wand catch, wand clip or hook for the cord, flex, cable, wire or power lead.

Whatever you want to call it, it is located on the back of the wand handle to hold the power cord in place and it looks like this:

DC15 cord retainer

DC15 wand cable clip

swivel clip.3


This clip is known to break on the DC15, and previously, buying a complete wand was the only way of getting one. They were an odd size, being smaller than the cable clips on other Dyson models of the early naughties era.

However, it was recently noticed that the grey cable catch from some later Dyson models was the same.

On a DC15 Ball, your old one will be white, yellow or lavender. The replacements are grey as you can see. They fit the following models:

  • DC15
  • DC24
  • DC25
  • DC27
  • DC28
  • DC33

So instead of your DC15 wand having a broken cord retainer looking like this:

DC15 power cord swivel clip

You can now pick up one of these and it will look like this:

DC15 flex swivel catch

You re-use your old centre cap, internal spring and T15 screw that is under the cap. So don’t butcher the circular cap on your old one getting it out! A fine blade down the edge is all you need and you can pry it out.

As there are still plenty of DC15 ball machines still about in the UK, the United States and Australia, the availability of this little clip will help keep a few more on the road. Or the carpet…….

Now you want to know where to get one, you can order one here: >>DC15, DC24, DC25, DC27, DC28, DC33 Wand Cord/Cable Retaining Clip<<


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10 Responses to “Where to get a Dyson DC15 Wand Cable Retainer”

  1. The instructions are incomplete, here. I had to use a small blade screwdriver to unscrew the screw under the cap. I discovered this after trying to “pry” the broken part off, injuring the part and my hand! On my machine, that screwed part is the only one with access by a regular screwdriver.

  2. This is great! Dyson told me this part was not available without buying a whole wand. But it is. I bought one and it fits. Yay!

  3. Many thanks for your great article – the broken cable retainer was really ruining the look of my DC15.
    Any tips for getting the plastic cap off? Now matter how fine a blade a use, it doesn’t fit in, and I’m afraid of ruining it.

  4. All you can do is pop a blade down the side and lever it out; there is no other way.

  5. I received my part today and I got the cap off. I’m having trouble getting the T15 screw out. Is there a trick? What blade should I use?

  6. Try a T20.

  7. Hi, do you have any info on similar items for the DC14? the cable retainer is broken on ours, otherwise it’s still a good vacuum.

  8. Get in touch with Manchester Vacs, they’ll sell you a used one at modest money: https://manchestervacs.co.uk/contact

  9. I live in the US how would I get a upper swivel cable rewinder for my Dyson 15? And how much for shipping and handling and the part?

  10. You would simply check out at the link given.

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