Dyson DC08: Changing or Cleaning the Washable Filter

Washing or changing the pre-motor filter on a Dyson DC08:

If you have a Dyson DC08 that isn’t sucking too well any more, or is cutting out after a short use, you may well need to check the washable filter. Many people do not know the location of their washable filter; or indeed that it is washable at all.

As with many things on your Dyson DC08, you don’t know where they are unless someone tells you. You probably mislaid or never had the handbook for your Dyson (If you need one, you can get one here: Dyson DC08 user handbook).

Help is at hand. Here is what you do.

Remove the canister by pressing the button as indicated:

Dyson DC08 Canister

In the same way as you do when you empty the canister, first remove the canister away from the machine:

Dyson DC08 Cyclone Unit

Having done that, observe the little flap here that you place your finger under:

Dyson DC08 Washable Filter

This is the release button for the hinged lid. Lift it with your finger and the top of the machine will hinge upward as the photo displays. Having opened it fully, you can now see the filter as indicated by the arrow in the photo below.

Replace Dyson DC08 Filter

Your filter may be yellow and blue, and split into two parts, or it may be an all in one filter like the one pictured above. Either way, simply pull it out of the machine.

If the filter is a two part filter, separate the blue and yellow bits, wash them (or if a one piece filter as pictured, simply wash it as is) thoroughly in warm water with a little detergent, dry the filter/s (properly) in a warm place and put it back together. That’s it! Simple huh?

If your filter is too far gone to be washed, you can buy a replacement from here: Dyson DC08 Filter

You can use the comment box below to tell us if this made your Dyson any better. ;)

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  1. Hi there at dysonmedic.co.uk!

    Many thanks for having your tips on the DC08 filter cleaning. It has saved me a few £’s sending out to get the dusty filters renewed.

    My dyson dc08 is several years old now, and has served me very well. I have only had to get the motor replaced in my time with this vacuum.

    Thanks for that.

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