Dyson DC07 Hose Removal & Replacement.

Dyson DC07 hose removal and replacement.

Remember to have the appliance unplugged before attempting this repair.

Tools needed:
You will need no tools to do this; only your fingers!

The back telescopic hose can become ripped and may need replacing at some point.

The connector can also pull away from the hose, as on the Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner,  it is only glued in and not threaded onto the hose to any great degree. The hose can also become blocked, and removing it allows a brush handle to be pushed into it and hopefully this will unblock it.

Where to buy a replacement hose.

If you need to buy a replacement hose please >>Click Here<<

The first job is to unravel the mains cable.

Dyson DC07 Mains Cable

Unclip the wand latch and pull the wand out of the hose as far as it will go.

DC07 Wand Clip

The wand is now fully extended and needs to be unlocked from the hose. Press the unlock button on the hose cuff and remove the wand from the hose.

DC07 Hose Removal

Remove the wand.

Dyson Hose Repair

The hose is secured at the bottom of the Dyson with this button – arrowed below.

How to swap a Dyson DC07 hose

Simultaneously press the button and pull the hose lower cuff up (behind the button).

Dyson DC07 Hose Swap

As you pull the lower cuff, it will slide up.

How to replace a Dyson hose.

The hose is now removed for replacement or unblocking.

Unblock Dyson Hose

When refitting the hose, ensure that the locating lugs on the cuff is correctly aligned and it clicks home.

DC07 rear hose swap

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  1. DC 7 second hand. I do not appear to have the hose cuff. The hose appears to be fixed into the top end of the wand.

  2. The hose cuff is jammed up there.

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