Dyson DC05 SDS1204SD Panasonic Motor

Is your Dyson fitted with the rare Panasonic SDS1204SD motor? Dyson produced a very low volume of cylinder DC05 vacuum cleaners with this motor fitted.

Most Dyson DC05 vacuum cleaners had the YDK type motor fitted. If you are seeking information about sourcing a Panasonic SDS1204SD motor, or retrofitting a standard YDK motor to your Dyson DC05, you have come to the right place.

Most Dyson part suppliers are not able to source the old Panasonic SDS1204SD motor. Dyson UK will not sell you one, and don’t even bother asking Panasonic. They don’t even supply this type of stuff to the trade; never mind retail sales. Or, if they do, they want the equivalent of a pint of blood and the virginity of your first born daughter in exchange for it.

But, before you throw that old Dyson DC05 in the bin, there is another way to solve this problem. You retrofit a Dyson DC05 YDK motor instead. “It’s not possible – they are totally different!” the so-called Dyson “specialists” howl. Well, it is. And we are going to show you how to do it.

As you can see from the photo below, they are quite similar:

Dyson DC05 Panasonic SDS1204SD Motor

The one marked “P” is the Panasonic one. The one marked “Y” is the YDK alternative. The correct YDK motor is plentiful new, and usually only around £35 for a top quality one delivered to your door.

In order to fit a YDK motor where your Panasonic once was, you need to change the main motor housing and the motor rubbers. These are uneconomical to buy new, so better to buy a new YDK motor and a used motor housing and motor rubbers. The motor housing looks like this:

Dyson DC05 Motor Replacement

The reason we need to change the motor housing, despite them looking identical is because of the locating pins inside that locate on top of the motor. The YDK and Panasonic motors have pins in different places, and you can see from the top photo that the rubbers locate in different holes too.

They also differ in dimensions at the base ever so slightly, this is why we need to change the bottom motor rubber too.

You might try calling one of the Dyson specialists such as Manchester Vacs to see if they have a *good* used Panasonic SDS1204SD DC05 motor,  and you *might* just drop lucky for about £20. But in most cases, it is better to ask your Dyson specialist if they can supply you a used YDK motor housing, used YDK rubbers and a new YDK motor. Expect to pay around £45 for all of these parts including courier delivery.

The reassembly process is exactly the same as you would expect; being a reversal of disassembly. There is nothing else to modify during this conversion.

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  1. As an addition to this, we have had many questions from Australia (and the UK), and in particular, need to clarify this conversion for the Motorhead models that seem very popular in Oz.

    On Motorhead models, they have some extra wiring. There are three wires coming out of the case as opposed to two on standard DC05’s. There is also some extra wiring around the outside of the case. The extra wiring around the outside of the casing, you will swap over from your current set up and replicate on the new one. We can supply a housing and motor as above built up – so ready to plug and play – with the extra neutral spur off the motor it needs. You need to mention you seek this conversion for a Motorhead model for us to do that.

    Your current motor plastic housing will likely be silver. The one we supply will be grey – no big deal, but worth a mention.

    Australia: Australia is on 220v-240v same as the UK, so no worries there. However, as this package is over 2kgs, it is overweight to send economically with the UK Post Office. As such, we need to send it by courier. The cheapest we have found to Oz for this package adds £35 to the price and will come by tracked Fedex. That makes the total cost of this conversion around £77 (about AU$120 @ $1.54 – £1) all in to Oz.

    Also, as we are supplying a new motor from a good source, it is highly unlikely it will fail prematurely. However, as it costs more to send this conversion to Oz than we make on a motor, and at this price, it is impractical for us to be able to offer our usual guarantee on the motor – because if we had to send you another, we would be well in the red. We don’t know of any problems with units supplied to Oz to date, and of course, we aim to supply good stuff, but I should mention it for disclosure. We will happily supply this conversion to Oz, but it needs to be on a “supplied tested and working – sold as seen” basis. Here is a testimonial of one we recently supplied to Australia: >>Panasonic motor conversion kit sent to Australia<<.

  2. Michael Kearney on November 4th, 2012 at 12:30 am

    I am wondering if you can assist me. The motor in our Dyson DC 05 is beginning to fail. Markings on the side are ‘YDK YV-2100-1 OG14 240V. On disassembly, I noticed that one of the carbon bushes on the motor is breaking up. Is it possible to get replacements and furthermore how can I remove the old bushes from the housing and on replacement with the new ones, how can I secure the attached wires to the housing? Any hints would be appreciated,

    Michael Kearney.

  3. My advice is don’t bother changing brushes, change the motor instead. You can get one here: http://manchestervacs.co.uk/Dyson/cylinder-spares.html

    You want the standard YDK type.

  4. This conversion is now available here: DC05 SDS1204SD Panasonic Motor Conversion.

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