Dyson Belt & Brush Bar Removal Tool for the DC04, DC07 and DC14.

For a long time, Dyson engineers in the UK have wanted to find a belt removal tool. A tool to lift up the belt on DC04’s, DC07’s and DC14’s to allow the brush bar to be removed easily. Most vacuum cleaner repair shops have either been using home-made belt removal tools or they struggle with a selection of other tools.

This is a much needed tool for changing the belts of the Dyson vacuum cleaners. It is very difficult to remove the brush roll from the belt without this tool. I have pinched my fingers quite a few times trying to do this before this tool came along.

Dyson themselves do actually make one.  But they won’t sell you one. Nor will they supply them to the trade. No, we don’t know why either.

However, one overseas company had decided to start producing them. This is what they look like:

Dyson brush bar tool

Most of the Dyson parts suppliers in the UK have been unable to obtain these tools.

A few are available on UK eBay via sellers on eBay.com in the USA. However, buying from an American seller on eBay can be full of pitfalls. The vagaries of the international mail is only one. What we have found with American eBay sellers, is how they fill the customs paperwork in on your package. Anyone with a brain would tick “gift” and value the item at maybe $5 to avoid import duty for the buyer wouldn’t they?

These guys are so scared of their government, and terrified of “authority” in general, they tend to tick “merchandise” and tell the truth on the value section. Sometimes they even over-state it for some reason. eBay is full of statements by sellers harping about how they “wont lie on customs forms” etc. Challenge them about it and get back three paragraphs on Federal Law .  *sigh*

Americans also favour registered signed-for mail. It is cheap to use in the US, but not so when sending abroad. However, as you will be paying using Paypal, they want to cover their arses – so will prefer signed for international mail. Ouch!

What this means to you is that your eBay bargain gets held up and assessed for import duty when it enters the UK. That means duty at a given percentage, plus VAT on the lot, PLUS a whopping £8 fee from the Post Office for being kind enough to “handle” your “import”. Your attempt at saving a fiver then costs you twenty quid and a fortnights delay.

Yes, I have been there. Can you tell?

Buy in the UK is my advice. And now you can. Manchester Vacs have imported a pile of these belt and brush bar removal tools. Suitable for the Dyson DC04, DC07 and the Dyson DC14. One will cost you just £9.99 including shipping within the UK.

Here is the link: Dyson Belt & Brush Bar Removal Tool

At last! Someone could be bothered to find them and get them to our little island.

Check out how to use it by watching the video below:


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