Dyson Airblade Motors: Troubleshooting & Faults.

I am going to discuss what we have typically found wrong with Dyson digital Airblade motors (such as in the AB01 and AB03) when repairing these machines.

As there isn’t much information on the internet yet about Dyson Airblade repairs, but over time we at Dyson Medic hope to address this.

Dyson have traditionally been quite secretive about Airblades; they offer no repair information, no exploded drawings, no part numbers and are even reluctant to supply simple consumable spare parts without a serial number and a pint of blood.

The spares supply networks that exist for the trade to obtain vacuum cleaner spares are not served with Airblade spares. Parts supply is currently limited to a handful of quite determined appliance dismantlers and grey importers.

Indeed, Dyson have recently point blank refused to supply the after-market trade with simple things such as filters even. So dont expect any assistance from them at all with Airblade repairs or spares. But fear not, all is not lost.

We recently covered how to get inside a Dyson Airblade hand dryer. In this article, we are going to discuss what typically goes wrong with the motors.

Having opened up your hand dryer, the motor is located inside a bucket assembly that looks like this.

Dyson Airblade Motor Bucket Assembly

Getting inside that is a simple latter of a few screws. Once inside, we find two major components, the digital motor itself that looks like this.

Dyson Airblade Digital Motor

And a printed circuit board (PCB) that looks like this.

Dyson Airblade PCB

The PCB is marked with the part number: 11943-01-01. It is the same board on both AB01 and AB03 models.

I recently had the opportunity to play about with half a dozen apparently non-working motor bucket assemblies, and together with cross testing each component with units I knew to work, I drew the same conclusion on all. The weak point is not the motor itself, it is the PCB.

On all the half a dozen I tested, the digital motor itself worked fine when coupled with a PCB known to work. However, none of the PCB’s worked at all on a motor known to work. This non-scientific test, albeit with a low number of units, tells us that in all likelihood, we need to focus upon this PCB as the likely source of motor bucket assemblies that do not work in the future. Looking at a digital motor in bits, there is really very little to go wrong with those.

Please note: This PCB in the motor bucket assembly is not to be confused with the other PCB that goes in the black box by the side of the motor bucket assembly.

Examination of the PCB’s I had show most to have failed in the same place. Observe the burn marks in the circle in the photograph below.


The opposite side of another board is shown below, also with burn marks.


Those four little aluminium components on the board seem to be the weak spot. On most I looked at, one (usually an outer one) had burn damage. Its a fair bet this is the reason they don’t work.

Here is the part you knew was coming: Dyson will not supply this part on its own (in fact they pretty much won’t supply any part as we already touched on). You may very well think that is built-in obsolescence……..

We couldn’t possibly comment. icon_whistle

So at this point, you have two options. Replace the whole bucket assembly (you can get one >>here<<) or have the PCB repaired by a specialist.

I have just sent six of these off to a PCB repair specialist today, so in the near future I will be able to update you with information about if they are repairable by a competent person.

Other repairs and troubleshooting will be the subject of future posts. Its a work in progress…….


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33 Responses to “Dyson Airblade Motors: Troubleshooting & Faults.”

  1. Just looking at a faulty Airblade, AO3. we have about thirty across campus to repair. They seem to be hitting their fault time as we now have four not working. No instructions and trying to work out how best to get them working. Just read your article, the one I have on the bench has no damage as you show in the pics on the power supply PCB.
    Could do with voltages expected etc to test outputs.
    Transferring parts from working unit is an option. For elimination.
    shame we don’t have at least working drawings to have a chance.
    How best to set up sensors, for test unit would help. Then could plug in.
    Will crack on and see what we can work out.

    Paul C

  2. Its faster to swap motor buckets over with one you know has working sensors and main PCB. This identifies if the problem lies in the motor bucket assembly – or not – quicker than testing outputs. That is now I tend to diagnose them for speed.

  3. hello,
    Can you give me the reference or the part number of component D33, which is on the back of the card on the 11943-01-01 Dyson AB03 because mine is not readable ?

  4. Hello,
    Could you please give us the component D33’s reference or part number, which is on the 11943-01-01 Dyson AB03 card’s back because mine is not readable?
    Best regards

  5. I have a stain airblade dryer but it keeps turning on randomly. What is causing this? Could it be that the sensor to detect your hands is getting dirty? Any ideas how to prevent this from happening?

  6. Can be the motor bucket or the main PCB. Unlikely to be dirty sensors.

  7. Hi, did you have any success with the 6 repaired boards?

  8. No. The place we sent them said they were unable to repair them, and three other “specialist” repairers, after asking for details and photos stopped replying.

  9. Oh that’s a shame. I have stripped down my AB01 but the PCB(s) look(s) fine, no scorching at all.
    Do you offer a service where I can send you my PCB(s) to test on a working machine?

  10. Easier to test a complete motor bucket assembly than individual PCBs from within one. If you have no scorching, the PCB within the black box nearby is more likely at fault. But really the machine needs testing.

  11. We have a dyson airblade in one of our Dept,s where the dryer runs on well after the 10 second cycle.? How do we adjust the timer.

  12. That is likely to me a motor boards, PCB or sensor issue. The timer is not adjustable.

  13. Hi, do you still have any boards with the burnt output transistors? I have a board with the opposite problem: burnt inlet side (lightning strike?). Unfortunately this also killed the PIC microcontroller, rendering it unfixable. If the PIC still works on any of your boards I could get mine working again.

  14. Any luck in finding out what D33 component is. I have one where the front of the smd has blown off and no details left on the front. O/C diode if i could get a number i might be able to cross reference it and find a working or better rated alternative.

  15. Hi, I’m having issues with a Dyson Airblade hand dryer, it’s working as it should, apart from after about 20seconds/or when motor is slowing down (AB03), it’s making a lot of noise, as though the bearings are going (but it doesn’t have bearings does it ?), anyone had this before ? Know of any solution or typical issue it could be ? I’ve tightened all the fixings etc to no avail, Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi, AB01 burnt board. Got a new motor but it comes without the ferrite rings or resistor fitted. Do these need to be cut out and put on new wiring?

  17. Have a airblade v that gives 3 puffs and stops, turn off for a while and still only 3 puffs. Is this a code to indicate a particular fault?

  18. Its not one I have come across Wayne. Have you checked the filters?

  19. The filters seem to be alright and unit adjacent is fine as are others at site. Still curious

  20. Hi Got the cover off as the dryer isn’t working but do I have to take the duct off to get the casing off (bucket) that protects the motor and board as there is a cable tie that joins the duct and bucket so doesn’t want to come off!!

  21. The Diode D33 is a “A6W” i used an alternative Type from Conrad ON Semiconductor BAS16 SOT-23-3 85 V 200 mA Article Number 1262906.

    But the Diode is chipped because of the U2 Chip which is a FSD210M Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPSTM). The Socket is a 7-LSOP

    The Fet was broken and killed the D33 after replacing both the Dyson works again.

  22. Hi We are experiencing the same problem as Wayne (3 puffs then stops) Wondering if anyone has a come up with the cause for this yet?

  23. Hi, I have the same problem, 3 spins and then stops, anyone with any ideas?


  24. Hi there i have the same problem as a few others meaning when i plug in my unit it will only spin twice or 3 times and then will not start up again until i unplug the unit for a few minutes and also it seems as it will only start if i use the left hand side sensor
    has anyone found a cure for this problem yet

  25. Most usually the PCB in the motor bucket assembly and in Robert’s case, one set of sensors as well. You can send the machines to Manchester Vacs for repair.

  26. My one just stopped working after 8 years. Opened and had a look. Both PCB’s looked as though brand new. Bridge & flyback diodes and FET’s all checked ok. I don’t have another one to swap and test. Looks like the motor. Any suggestions??
    1) there is a 240v mains to the sensor board which I think a dummy as it is not connected to anything. Sensor board must be getting power from the motor control board via the ribbon cable?
    2) Sensors also measures ok

  27. D33 was open; So changed D33 and U2 and the airblade came to life. U2 was glued to the PCB so I damaged the tracks when taking it out. I could have cut the chip in to pieces without damaging the board. Total spend was under $5. No wonder why Dyson is so secretive. Thanks Benjamin for your advice.

  28. We have a Dyson Blade hand dryer that comes on randomly every thirty to 60 seconds and runs for 15-20 seconds. I have cleaned the sender and receiver eyes. What else can we do to fix it?

  29. It may need a motor bucket assembly, it may need a PCB, it may need sensors. Here is your route to repair: https://manchestervacs.co.uk/contact

  30. Hello, I’m French I do not speak English sorry for any mistakes.
    I made a diagram of the low voltage power supply on the 11943-01-01 board. If you need to contact me.
    Good continuation.

  31. good day

    we have a dyson airblade in our department which stopped working, we opened the dryier and checked the power supply OK, both circuit boards none was damaged, measured some componets on the circuit board with multimeter all ok, cleaned the 4 sensors from the outside of the machine.

    best regards
    roberto electrician

  32. Probably the PCB in the motor bucket.

  33. Please would you ask christophe who posted on 22nd November 2019 to send me his drawings of the low voltage power supply. Many thanks.

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