Discussion about the 2016 increase in price of genuine Dyson spares.

This article first appeared at Manchester Vacs

Some may have noticed already that the cost of genuine Dyson spares has just massively increased.

Some parts have gone up over 100%.

It seems to be right across the board. It won’t have filtered through to every sales platform as yet, because people are sat on stock they bought at the old prices. But it will in the near future.

We are adjusting prices each day at the moment as we go to restock an item and find it has shot up.

Here is an example:

Standard Dyson clutches on eSpares are now £32.99.


Ours are currently up to £22.50. A tenner cheaper from us as I bulk bought some as soon as I saw this happening. But in time, ours will creep up too.

This is going to have a knock on effect on the folks who service, repair and recondition Dyson machines.

I can’t see this having much to do with the $/£ values (there are fewer dollars to the pound than is typical right now) as it has happened too quickly for it to have permeated through to the trade if that were the cause. And in any event, the £/$ weakness is something like 15-20% off typical levels, not 100%. So nobody can credibly blame Brexit.

So the only reason I can see is that Dyson have simply decided they want more money for the stuff if they are going to supply it. Because they can. Which is their right, I suppose. People can buy the stuff or not; I expect they don’t really care either way about people repairing machines out of warranty.

It does create an opportunity for the aftermarket to make some spares that might not have otherwise been financially viable, but on the other hand, it may also serve to put some people off repairing machines if the cost becomes prohibitive to do so.

Worth a discussion I thought. As ever, you heard it here first.

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