DC25: No Power To Cleaner Head

A problem we have started noticing with the Dyson DC25 is no power coming out of the machine to the cleanerhead.

The DC25 is notorious for cleanerhead problems; you will find other articles on Dyson Medic about it. But this is one we are seeing more and more of, so I thought it worth documenting.

This is one to check before you buy a new cleanerhead, a PCB or a cleanerhead brushroll motor.

When you suspect that the cleanerhead has gone faulty, always remove it and check that power is getting to the two terminals that feed the cleanerhead. Sometimes, people replace the cleanerhead – assuming it is faulty – and to their dismay, find the new one doesn’t work either.

There are three components that you need to look at on the circuit if you find there is no power to the cleanerhead.

One is the switch by the main power switch – test that.

One is the micro switch, and one is the loom from the micro switch. Look at the photograph below.

DC25 wiring fault


While the micro switch does sometimes go faulty, the fault is more often than not that one of both of the wires (the red and white ones above) have broken up.

In the photograph, they are clearly broken. It isn’t always obvious though, as sometimes they break up in the sheathing making a visual diagnosis difficult.

Give them a wiggle and a pull, as they usually break in the same place. If they are broken internally, it wont take much persuasion to make them come apart like the photo.

Easy fix you probably think……….

We used to fix them with a bit of solder and a heat shrink. Not only is that very fiddly to do in the confined space you have, but we found them coming back again a few months later with the same fault.

The problem is that those wires flex when in use, so any repair is likely to be stiffer and it simply causes them to flex at a different point and break again faster.

The easy answer is a new loom section.

This part is available on its own.

DC25 Yolk Loom Assembly


This is how it comes.

We find now that this is the only long term fix for this problem, and any repair is just a temporary bodge.

So, where to get one from?

You can get one from here: >>Dyson DC25 Yolk Assembly Loom<<

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18 Responses to “DC25: No Power To Cleaner Head”

  1. Wow. Very impressed with the vast array of info on the dyson vacuums.
    I bought a dyson upright at a yardsale here in Tracy, California, USA
    It is an animal dc 14 and was $20. I was sure something was wrong with it and plugged it in and was amazed that it actually worked.
    Of course after I brought it home to use , was angry when the brush rollers were not spinning. I am quite mechanical, but feared taking the machine apart and ruining it entirely. So I researched through your info and what do you know?
    The roller is not supposed to function in the bare floor mode. That is just weird but it is what it is. So now I know how it works and see the weird tool needed to take the roller out. Know it has clutch. And think dyson makes a great vacuum , yet does include these tools when the vacuum is purchased. I did ask if there was anything else that came with it when she bought it and she said no. So I assume dyson doesn’t. I have always used Kirby’s and was really confused about the belt on this dyson as compared to how simple belt replacement is for the Kirby. Anyway you guys know your stuff and appreciate putting it out there. Glad I didn’t attempt disassembling the dyson. And am pretty happy to have a fairly expensive and well performing vacuum for only $20 bucks

  2. You say ” test the switch by the main switch, but how do you test it.?

  3. I only found this thread after replacing both the brush head and micro switches, of course there was still no movement. After removing cover it was instantly evident that white wire was snapped in two places. To me this looks like an inherent design flaw. Can you please give some guidance how to remove/replace the wiring loom?
    Much appreciated.

  4. Hi i have replaced the loom but just checked and got no power to the microswitch. Should have checked. The power switches in the handle appear to work. How do you replace the power loom to the microswitch ? Thanks

  5. You need a reset switch, the one by the power switches if there is no feed to the micro switch: http://manchestervacs.co.uk/Dyson/dc25-reset-micro-reset-switch-914266-01

  6. anyone got a detailed step by step guide to replace this loom ?. Tia.

  7. There is one here Steve: http://manchestervacs.co.uk/DysonForum/index.php/topic,1670.msg8388.html#msg8388



  10. Checked and no wires broken in the loom. I replaced the brush bar motor and put in a new reset switch but still the brush bar doesn’t rotate. The suction is strong when the cleaner head is removed from the DC25 though. Any ideas at all please?

  11. Aaron costine on May 1st, 2021 at 8:18 pm

    Hi will a faulty reset switch stop brushbar working dc25

  12. Angus Black on May 2nd, 2021 at 6:52 pm

    Yes it can.

  13. My brush head stopped working and after some diagnosis I discovered that if you use a separate DC power supply (not full voltage I used 100Volts DC) switching back to using the mains plug the AC supply is there
    I applied the DC supply to the mains plug terminals It works perfectly (a bit slow because of the lower voltage) So all the wiring and components are OK. So SOMEWHERE there must be some diode or a bridge rectifier, but I cannot find where it is Is it the “reset switch” which when tested shows a a “on/ and Off function when you press the switch. Any ideas what component has failed and where can I order it from. [email address removed]

  14. Brian Arthur Curtis on August 14th, 2021 at 12:40 pm

    my Dyson still runs and sounds normal but the rotating wheel at the front of the machine does not rotate. can you tell me the problem.

  15. It wants a service.

  16. Hi,

    Not sure if this is still monitored… I have a dyson dc25.

    I had some issues with the brush bar in that it rotated for a few seconds then cut out.. with assistance from this forum and Bekos YouTube video on how to strip the machine down, I replaced the reset switch and all was good. This was a couple of months ago.

    Fast forward a couple of months and my better half sucked up the tassels off a backpack which to my dismay has stopped the brush head rotating again!… argh!

    I wrongly assumed she may have blew the motor in the head so have purchased a new head… but still the brush won’t rotate.suction is fine… I have checked the yolk and wiring appears fine… the reset switch has not long been replaced so doubt it will be this?… any other ideas? She told me there was no kind of smell or bang … it just stopped working..

    Any help would be massively appreciated!


  17. You need to test it with a meter to check outputs down the line, but the likely culprit is this: https://shop.manchestervacs.co.uk/dyson-upright-vacuum-cleaner-spares/dc25-spare-parts/dc25-yolk-loom-assembly-916190-01

  18. The place to ask advice on this is >here<.

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