All about the DC25 brush bar motor

Looking for information on the DC25 brush bar motor? You found it.

Many people seeking to repair their Dyson DC25 end up looking for a replacement DC25 brush bar motor. The bad news is that they are not actually available yet. There are certain parts that Dyson refuse to make available to the public, which is understandable as the public are likely to be unable to fit them.

However, Dyson have a reasonable track record at making many parts available to the trade. There are notable exceptions that Dyson simply refuse to supply; seemingly without a good reason. The DC07 Cyclone Top is one example. The DC25 brush bar motor is another.

All Dyson make available is the entire cleaner head. This bit:

DC25 Cleaner Head

They cost around £80 from Dyson. You can buy them from this site a little cheaper than Dyson themselves: Dyson DC25 Spares

However, what of the brush bar motor itself? This is what it looks like:

DC25 brush bar motor

We got hold of one today and noted the numbers on the side of it. They are:

240 DC
1D70075 CL.B


Those numbers will make sense to someone. Obviously, they are made by a company called “Johnson”. Who are “Johnson” and where are they? Anyone know?

The likelihood is that these motors are made by a small British company for Dyson. Or rather, Dyson to save on R&D costs, sourced a motor that was already being produced by someone already. That means this motor has another (or several other) applications.

It is a small 240v DC motor with a spinning cog at one end. It must have a myriad of other uses.

If you know the answer to this, or have any comments at all about this article, please use the comment box below.

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  1. Johnson Electric (, are a long established company that manufactures motors for just about everything. They are widely known for the 111 motor that was used in Scalextric cars until the early 1980s.

    The brushroll motor used in Electrolux Z410a is also made by Johnson and seems hard to obtain as a spare part.

  2. DC771(2)XLLG motor listed here: Voltage DC Motors

  3. Thanks for that Mr Ralph. I see they are not available to purchase without making contact with them; so I expect one might have to buy many at once.

    The picture I found there differs too:

  4. This motor is available from dyson as the brushbar drive for a DC18. It ccomes with a removeable gearbox which can be swapped for the belt cog here. It’s about £35 = postage

  5. Dyson wont sell the general public internal motors. As for the DC18 one, there are two listed: 921149-01 and 911705-01; only one of which is the current one. My suppliers show one obsolete and the second out of stock – but I can compare one from a scrap DC18 I have.

    Interesting info Mark. Thanks. I’ll investigate that.

  6. Reply to Mark Dauncey: I have now checked, and that’s not strictly correct Mark. Whilst the DC18 and the DC15 have the same DC771(2)XLLG motor as the DC25, the top cog differs on other applications.

    If you look at the photo above, you will see that the cog on the DC25 motor has teeth that are at 90 degrees to the motor. On other applications, the motor drives a gearbox so an oblique direction of the teeth is used maximise torque. That means one wont fit the other.

    We haven’t yet figured out a way to change the cog so one version can be used with the other without stripping the motor down to swap the main shaft. To do that is so labour intensive that you may as well buy a complete cleaner head.

    If you know different, please enlighten us.

  7. I found this spec for the motor in a PDF here on page 188,

  8. Further to me reply above, I have a Vax V-025 carpet cleaner whose brush roll motor has failed just after the 12 month warranty run out. The Johnson motor is also very similar to the Dyson DC25, but slightly different. It is type DC-751 (2) LSG. I suspect that water has traveled up the belt and got in the motor through the bearing as there is not any adequate means to stop this on these machines.

    Even more alarming, according to the Johnson site, these motors only have a life of 67 hours!!!

  9. I am hoping to be able to announce a source of after-market motors shortly that have a working life that exceeds the ones Dyson fit.

  10. Hi Angus, re your post 9/4/12. Did you have any success finding an aftermarket supplier of DC25 brush motors? I`ve got a customer coming in next week with a probable blown motor.

  11. Angus Black on May 6th, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    I haven’t seen them yet, but I gather they are on the way (from China on a boat I imagine).

    There is someone selling Johnson ones on eBay, but they are without the top cog and I see no easy way to change those – I have tried.

  12. Cheers for the prompt reply.

  13. I have these motors available to buy, brand new. exclusive to my ebay site. If you would like a price to purchase please contact me on [edited] very competitive price for such a sort after motor

  14. Hello Rob, the ones I see on eBay do not have the top cog on there. They are standard Johnson motors used in several other applications, and although of the correct type, not the ones engineered for the Dyson DC25.

    Do you know how to change that top cog? Because I haven’t worked it out. Unless that top cog can be easily changed, they are not fit for stated purpose.

    Actually, as an update to this topic, a little bird tells me that after-market DC25 brush bar motors – that do have the correct cog on – will be available very soon. Watch this space!

  15. Has anyone changed the brushes an re bedded comutator yet?

  16. Gents. I’ve got a feeling it may be the triac on the pcb that provides a smoothing circuit for the motor,

  17. Ok I’ve checked the motor, the stator and comutator and brushes are fine, no shorts so it’s either the diode bridge rectifier, the square thing with a corner missing off of it or something else, I’m ordering a new rectifier from rs for £1.455 see what happens rs code 751-4436, this is a bit better than the standard component, will require some soldering

  18. Angus, any news on that source for the DC25 motors with cog, please
    thanks Ben

  19. Hi Ben. No not yet. I know its coming and I hope to be amongst the first to hear as I know the MD of the company doing them. 😉

  20. Seeking also this engine: DC771 (2) XLLG – 240V DC.
    This is an engine from the Drill Doctor 750x.
    Does anyone have information on where I can buy this.

  21. The motor is available from

    SEE link;

  22. Yes, its the same motor, but without the drive cog on there – so useless for this application. Maybe you know how to change this cog? I don’t. And I have tried.

  23. Can the brush head be used without the motor – after all, the switch needs to be activated for the turbo to work. I realise it won’t be so effective but surely a cheaper option. Just going to look if there is another compatible non-motorised brush head!

  24. The machine can be used without the roller rotating, but performance will be severely limited.

    There are currently no other compatible brush heads or motors.

  25. Proper DC25 cleanerhead motors are now available. See this topic on our forums: DC25 & DC41 Brushroll Cleaner Head Motors Coming! (Johnson DC771(2)XLLG).

  26. hi all has anyone had any luck finding a DC 25 brushbar motor at all as mine has packed up ??

  27. Robo, read the comment above yours.

  28. HI all I have just replaced the motor for the brushbar on my DC25 but it still refuses to work all the switches check out and only seem to get about 80ma at the motor conections can anyone help?

  29. Hello,

    Are the brushes on this motor replaceable? If so, do you have a source for them and a way to get at them (it looks as if the brass lugs on the holders would break off if bent open).

    Thanks in advance,

  30. No the brushes are not available that I know of, and the armature would be shot anyway. These motors are only designed to last something like two hundred hours – built in obsolescence you might say.

    The motors are >>here<< (the ONLY place that currently sells them) and the cleanerheads are >>here<< if you want the quicker fix.

  31. These are now down £20 and are available for £29.99 inc UK delivery:

  32. Hi just bent carefully bent the tabs streight bent up the cover pulled out the brush cleanes it with emery cloth pushed it all back in bent back the cover and tabs
    Works perfectly
    Worth trying before you buy a new motor

  33. Alfred Machado on March 11th, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    The cog you people are refering to is called a timing gear. I am trying this for the first time. Found that the breaket went bad and it smoked the resistor so replaced that and soldered a jumper for thh breaker.

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