Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor?

Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor?

Can one be adapted to fit the other?

As Dyson technical folks, these are questions we are often asked. The reason is, that Dyson refuse to make available the brushbar motor for the DC25. No, we don’t know why either. You can find out more about Dyson DC25 brush bar motors on our article here: All about the DC25 brush bar motor.

Naturally, people wonder if the brush bar motor off another similar machine, the Dyson DC24 for example, will fit. After all, Dyson do choose to make available the Dyson DC24 brush bar motors. You can read about those on our article here: Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor.

However, the answer to the question is no. The DC25 brushbar motor will not fit the DC24, nor will the DC24 brush bar motor fit the DC25. They are completely different units. Let’s take a look.

Here is a Dyson DC24 brush bar motor:

DC24 brush bar motor

Image courtesy of Manchester Vacs

Here is a Dyson DC25 brush bar motor:

DC25 brush bar motor

As you can see, they are entirely different units.

The technical guys at Dyson are not stupid people. They know how to save money. They understand that using the same part across several models will save them money and thus lower production costs and maximise profit. They do use many parts across different models. The DC18 cyclone unit (not the perspex bin and flap though) is the same as the DC25 for example. However, on these brush bar motors, there must have been a sound reason why they couldn’t use the same one for both models. There must also be a reason why they choose not to make the Dyson DC25 brushbar motor available to the trade. The cynics out there may suggest it is so they can flog you an £80 DC25 cleaner head instead. You may very well think that, but we couldn’t possibly comment.

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5 Responses to “Is the DC24 brush bar motor the same as the DC25 brushbar motor?”

  1. Proper DC25 cleanerhead motors are now available. See this topic on our forums: DC25 & DC41 Brushroll Cleaner Head Motors Coming! (Johnson DC771(2)XLLG).

  2. after plugging the US spec dc25 vacuum into a 240 HZ outlet without the transformer i’m pretty sure the brush motor is shorted. Now, when the dyson is plugged into the 240vac to 120vac transformer the blower unit works but the brush roll does not operate. Can you provide me some options as i’m on the isle of man? Is replacing the brush motor an option that is doable or could you recommend a repair site on isle of man?
    Or trade in the unit for another if the repair cost exceeds a new unit?
    Appreciate your recommendations…

  3. Converting a US spec machine is not a small task:

    If you want to leave it at US voltage, brushroll motor is here:

  4. dc24 problem, machine wont turn unless the handle is
    lowered, also the brush bar switch will turn not only the brush off but also the motor ? is the bottom microswitch faulty 914276 or is it the wires in the housing cowell that are faulty ?

  5. Those two issues are not typical together. I would be betting the micro switch, but if it were me, I would want to strip it to be sure.

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