DC18 DC24 DC25 DC27 DC33 Cyclone Gasket Seals Available at Last!

Yes, you read that right!

Cyclone gasket seals are available at last!

You can buy them now for the DC18, DC24, DC25, DC27 and DC33.

It has always been a pain when you strip down a Dyson cyclone for refurbishment, there is this little wafer thin gasket in there. The problem is it is often damaged beyond re-use.

Sometimes it degrades in situ causing leakage and vacuum loss.

People ended up using glue or silicone to codge them up. Hardly ideal.

Dyson would never supply them – they wanted instead to sell you a ┬ánew cyclone.

But, as ever, the after-market has responded.

Dyson Cyclone Gaskets

There are three types currently available.

The small one is for the DC24.

The medium sized one is for the DC18 and the DC25.

The larger one is for the DC27 and the DC33.

Here are the links of where to get them from:

>>Get a Dyson DC24 gasket seal here<<

>>Get a Dyson DC18 and DC25 gasket seal here<<

>>Get a Dyson DC27 and DC33 gasket seal here<<

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