DC15 Wand Top Collars Now Available

We have a new after market item for the Dyson DC15 Ball to announce. As ever, you have heard it on Dyson Medic first because we have our ear to the ground in Dyson world.

What is known as the “tube grip”  together with its retaining clip has been unavailable (obsolete) from Dyson for some time now. We prefer to call a “tube grip” a wand collar. On early Dyson DC15’s, this little tube sits at the top of the wand and it is the bit you fit your tools onto.

Inevitably, when people use the wand on their Dyson DC15 Ball long term, this top becomes worn and looks very shabby. Often times, it simply comes off and gets lost. Sometimes the retaining clip breaks.

Yours quite probably looks like this.

Dyson DC15 tool connector

Here is the part that has become available.

DC15 wand handle top

When fitted, your machine will look like this.

Dyson DC15 wand collar

That’s more like it isn’t it?

Originally, they came in various colours. Despite colour differences, fitment remains the same.

These fit all DC15 models from anywhere in the world.

Available in a mid steel colour as you see above (that will compliment any machine), these are available now.

You can get one from here: >>Buy a DC15 Wand Top Collar<<


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