DC14 Wand Top Collars Available.

We have a new after market item for the Dyson DC14 to announce. As ever, you have heard it on Dyson Medic first because we have our ear to the ground in Dyson world.

What is known as the “tube grip”  together with its retaining clip has been unavailable (obsolete) from Dyson for some time now. We prefer to call a “tube grip” a wand collar. On early Dyson DC14’s, this little tube sits at the top of the wand and it is the bit you fit your tools onto.

Inevitably, when people use the wand on their Dyson DC14 long term, this top becomes worn and looks very shabby. Often times, it simply comes off and gets lost. Sometimes the retaining clip breaks.

On later DC14’s, Dyson redesigned the wand to do away with the wand collar (tube grip) and made it integral. Below is a photo showing you the two types, the type that has the wand collar we are talking about is on the left and is arrowed in yellow.

Dyson DC14 wand top collars

Originally, they came in various colours. Despite colour differences, fitment remains the same.

In their wisdom, some time ago, Dyson decided to make this little collar and its retaining clip obsolete.

You may very well think that Dyson scrapping these parts was designed to force you to buy a new wand from them for an eye-watering £31.97 including VAT and carriage……. we couldn’t possibly comment.

However, what we can do is give you news that will save you over twenty quid to solve this little problem.

One UK company  Dyson DC14 Spare Parts have commissioned the DC14 tube grip wand collar and its retaining clip to be made on the after market. We at Dyson Medic got a heads up on this and a prototype to look at.

Dyson DC14 Wand Collar Tube Grip and Clip

Available in dark steel as you see above (that will compliment any machine), these are expected to become available during July 2012.

You can buy one from Manchester Vacs for well under a tenner including UK shipping. To order one, click the banner below.


Dyson DC14 Spare Parts


If you are located in the United States, Australia or anywhere else in the world, you can find them on their overseas facing page here:  Dyson DC14 Tube Grip & Clip

If you are in the Dyson repair trade, you can buy multiples of these items from Manchester Vacs by getting in touch from their trade deals page: Dyson Spare Parts Trade Deals

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  1. These are now available from us here: Dyson DC14 Top Tool Connector Collar

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