Grab a DC02 Cable Rewind While You Can!

DC02 cable rewinds have been obsolete for several years already.

We wrote some time ago about the demise of the DC01 and DC02 spares market. So when dusty old boxes of stuff turn up, they are like gold dust.

Well, that is exactly what has happened.

One supplier in a job lot of stuff from overseas has come by a dusty box of brand new, genuine Dyson DC02 cable rewinds.

These wont last long as they are as rare as hens teeth, so you might want to get your skates on.

DC02 cable rewind

DC02 cable rewind (1)

As for fitting the rewind itself, we have a picture tutorial over on our other site that you can find here: >>DC02 Cable Rewind Swap Tutorial<<

Now, I don’t know how many they have, because they wouldn’t tell me. But what I do know is these are a one off and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

What I do know is nobody else in the UK has these left any more.

Here is the deal: >>DC02 Cable Rewind<<

I think its great to be able to keep an old machine like the DC02 in working order. The un-availability of cable rewinds has sent many thousands of these machines to the tip. Well, now a few can be saved!

Updated February 2015. 

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